Aftermarket Brake Boosters

The Importance of a High-Quality Brake Booster

Does your Ford, Falcon or GQ Patrol need a new brake booster? We’ve got you covered at Machter. If you’re not sure, a brake booster is essential to any vehicle’s braking system, particularly in larger or heavier vehicles. It serves to amplify the force applied to the brake pedal, making it easier for the driver to bring the car to a stop effectively. By utilising vacuum pressure generated by the engine, the brake booster enhances the braking force, thereby reducing the amount of physical effort required by the driver. This is especially beneficial in emergency braking situations or when towing heavy loads.

A good quality brake booster should endure, be reliable, and provide consistent performance—and this is what we intend to deliver at Machter. Equipped with advanced features like brake load proportioning valves, our boosters ensure optimal brake force distribution, giving you precise control and stopping power in any situation. As a trusted supplier of automotive and mechanical car parts, Machter offers products prioritising efficiency and safety. We also want to cater to a wide range of vehicles, so we have Toyota, Ford and Landcruiser brake boosters, to name a few. Catering to various vehicles means providing car owners greater access to automotive brake parts and helping them maintain road safety.

Even More From Machter!

Along with Falcon or Toyota brake boosters, we offer a vast range of car parts and accessories at Machter. Need to fine-tune your transmission for optimal performance? We've got you covered with a wide selection of transmission parts, including gears, shafts, seals and more. Looking to enhance your vehicle’s suspension system? Check out our bump stop kits, designed to cushion impacts and prevent bottoming out, ensuring a smoother ride even on rough terrain. And when it comes to differential parts, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle’s drivetrain running smoothly, from ring and pinion sets to axle shafts and bearings. Whatever you need—whether related to the engine, electricals, interiors or exteriors—Machter is happy to help.

The Safe Choice

Of all the places to get a brake booster for your Ford, why should you choose Machter? Well, we take what we do seriously. Our collection of replacement parts for domestic cars, 4WDs, utes, SUVs and crossovers is unlike any other selection, offering the perfect balance of excellence and affordability. We offer an extensive range of options, including parts for Japanese, Korean and European imports, as well as local Australian models. This makes us the safe choice when searching for the parts you need. What’s more, our dedication to quality means you don’t ever have to stress about faulty parts or short-term solutions.

Make a Stop at Machter

Whether you drive a Toyota, Ford, GQ Patrol, Landcruiser, or FG Falcon, a high-quality brake booster is a game-changer. Get yours today from Machter.

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