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The steering rack boot is an expandable component made of rubber. It is responsible for sealing in lubricant while protecting the steering rack from substances like water, dust, and other pollutants to prevent excessive heat. Its main job is to seal both ends of your vehicle’s rack and pinion to the tie rod end. Typically, most cars will require more than one steering rack boot; one fitted at each end of a steering rack. If they break, pollutants can wear out or damage your rack steering system rapidly. Hence, these steering boots allow and support the lateral and vertical movement of the rack and pinion while making a turn or driving over bumps.

How Do Steering Rack Boots Break?

Steering rack boots are made of rubber and are exposed to various strenuous elements when used. Moreover, rubber, even without tension, eventually tears or perishes over time. Thus, your vehicle’s steering rack boots are bound to crack and tear eventually. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to drive with torn boots.

When your steering rack boots get damaged, water, oil or dirt seep into the steering rack, causing it to break down. Replacing them early before they wear out can save you from the additional expenses of replacing the more expensive components they protect.

Signs of a Bad Steering Rack Boot

A Tight Steering Wheel

Damaged steering rack boots allow your rack and pinion system to become compromised. This makes controlling your steering wheel more difficult and tight.

Visible Boot Damage

When you check underneath your vehicle, you’ll quickly know your steering rack boots are damaged (apart from apparent tears and cracks) when they are soaked in fluid or oil.

Grinding Noises with Turning

Damaged steering rack boots cause leakages; as a result, improper lubrication on your rack and pinion will produce grinding noises when you turn. This is due to the debris trapped in your steering rack when the boot was torn.

Are You Looking for a Replacement Steering Rack Boot?

Driving with torn steering rack boots will compromise your ability to control your vehicle, making you vulnerable to accidents. To help you drive safely, Machter offers top-quality steering boot replacements for your car, such as the Holden Commodore power steering rack boot.

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