Engine Cylinder Heads & Parts

Find High-Quality Cylinder Heads to Boost Your Engine’s Horsepower

While it's no secret that improving airflow to your engine is the single most effective way to increase torque and horsepower, cylinder heads and gaskets are often overlooked. The key to producing high torque and horsepower is to use the smallest port for a given quantity of airflow and then match the optimum port size to your application's airflow needs. Hence, your engine cylinder heads and gaskets can make a huge difference.

Of course, it is critical that this connection functions properly since engines can only use a small amount of air. That’s why, to accommodate the vast number of engine configurations that current car ranges have, we are constantly growing our cylinder head line with more port configurations, ensuring you can find one to suit your car. It’s all part of our extensive engine improvement line, from crankshaft parts to timing chain kits.

Why Choose Cylinder Heads, Gaskets & More From Machter?

Our cylinder heads are built to last. They have been made to resist extremely high pressures and temperatures while maintaining their shape and form in order to seal the cylinder block through the head gasket. Plus, they also effectively manage the movement of air into and out of the cylinders, as well as the distribution of fuel. We also have a huge selection of cylinder head kits, gasket sets and head bolt sets to complement our cylinder head offerings.

This durability and thoughtful design is inherent in all stock you find at Machter. For instance, our engine mount have been made to perfectly suit a range of popular makes and models for cars, while being easy to install and resilient. Similarly, our camshafts and lifters are designed to be effective and streamlined for those looking to modify their car.

When you shop with Machter, you can always trust that you are getting a quality part for a great price. This ensures that you don’t have to put off necessary repair and maintenance work, or forgo a new modification or upgrade.

Get Your Cylinder Head Kits & Gaskets Now!

When you’re looking to get better performance from your car, you can trust Machter’s range of cylinder heads, studs and more to be the perfect way to get more out of your engine. All you need to do is grab the cylinder heads that suit your project. So, get yours today!

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