Aftermarket Ignition Modules

Car Ignition Modules

Say goodbye to engine misfires and hello to peak performance with a high-quality ignition module. These small but powerful car parts play a crucial role in controlling the timing and firing of spark plugs, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently. With a top-notch ignition control module, you can expect improved fuel efficiency, quicker starts, and a reduction in engine misfires, which translates to a smoother driving experience and less wear and tear on your engine. At Machter, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best ignition modules on the market. Our products are designed with an emphasis on precision and durability, providing you with dependable performance and peace of mind. Choose Machter aftermarket ignition control modules for superior results and take your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

More Solutions, More Machter

In addition to ignition modules, Machter offers a comprehensive range of aftermarket parts designed to optimise your vehicle’s performance, whether that be a 4WD, SUV, ute or crossover. Our car ignition coils, for example, are engineered to deliver a powerful spark, enhancing combustion efficiency and ensuring reliable engine starts. Alongside these, our electrical sensors provide precise data to your vehicle’s computer, regulating everything from fuel injection to engine timing. These components work in harmony to maintain the delicate balance necessary for peak engine performance and fuel efficiency. By investing in Machter’s premium ignition modules, ignition coils and electrical sensors, you ensure that every part of your vehicle’s ignition and fuel systems function seamlessly, leading to a smoother, more reliable driving experience.

What Do We Do?

At Machter, we handle the entire process of aftermarket automotive parts—from development and engineering to customer sales and service. This end-to-end approach allows us to stay closely connected to the market and our community, ensuring we deliver the innovative solutions our customers require. Our extensive product line includes everything from mechanical, suspension and steering, exteriors and interiors, and beyond, making Machter your one-stop shop for top-notch auto parts and electrical supplies. Trust Machter to provide the reliability and performance your vehicle deserves, backed by our commitment to excellence in every part we offer.

Ignite Your Car’s Potential

If you need an igniter module replacement, you know where to go. At Machter, we do extensive research to ensure we have the right products for a huge range of needs. We offer durability, reliability and a problem to your solution—no matter how complex. For quality car ignition modules, shop our store today!

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