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  Date Posted: 13 October 2020

Date Posted: 4 August 2020

Your timing chain is an absolute essential to the entire operation of your vehicle. Once it breaks, your car will most likely not work at all, and it could also lead to your engine completely breaking down.

Date Posted: 6 July 2020

One of the most crucial parts of your car’s suspension is the sway bar; without it, your car’s handling would be bad. This car part helps your car stabilise, especially when faced with unfavourable situations when driving...

Date Posted: 21 May 2020

Do you suspect that there’s something wrong with your ignition coil? If yes, then you should test it with a multimeter. Driving over a longer distance with a misfiring engine can damage the engine and break the bank.

Date Posted: 30 April 2020

Ready to get the best headlights for your vehicle? Here at Machter Auto, we offer a range of aftermarket headlights. Shop from a wide range of auto parts online with the following benefits

Date Posted: 16 December 2019

The wheel hub unit transfers both the vertical and lateral load from the wheel to the axel. This part essentially acts as the glue between tire and axel, with the former attached via studs to the assembly. With the hub assembly connecting two vital parts

Date Posted: 12 December 2019

A strut mount bearing connects the strut with the body of the suspension, which is a pivotal part of both the performance and safety of your vehicle. The front axle strut bearings allow for the strut to .....

Date Posted: 22 October 2019

In this article, we have covered power steering racks, and the important information you need to know about replacing and maintaining them.

Date Posted: 22 October 2019

To make sense of the proper functionality of Control Arm Bushings parts, we have put together a guide to give you a comprehensive understanding of their importance.

Date Posted: 27 September 2019

In this article, we present to you a simple and complete guide to the brake calipers and answer some frequently asked questions, such as: What is a brake caliper? What is the function of brake calipers?.................Learn more.

Date Posted: 19 September 2019

Ball Joints are a marvel of engineering and a critical component of your vehicle's suspension. For all the bumps and rough roads ball Joints are forced to endure, it's surprising they don't fail more often........