How Hard Is It To Replace Sway Bar Links?

Date Posted: 30 December 2021 

How Hard Is It To Replace Sway Bar Links? main image How Hard Is It To Replace Sway Bar Links? image

Sway bar links are unsung heroes that are an important part of your car. So, knowing when they’ve gone bad and how to fix them should be something all drivers should know. Especially as it can be done with basic tools and with just a little instruction. At Machter, we have an unrivaled selection of quality replacement parts. We know what you need to get your car back into working order. That’s why we’re making sure you’re across everything you need to know about sway bar links.

What Are Sway Bar Links?

A sway bar, also called a stabiliser bar, is a part of the car that prevents the car body from leaning too much. It also keeps the vehicle stable when driving around turns. Most cars have one in the front and another one in the rear suspension. However, some cars will only have the one in the front suspension.

The sway bar end link, also known as a sway bar pin, is what connects the sway bar to the suspension and the car body. Sway bar links transfer the force of motion from the wheels to axles. During a turn, the sway bar links pull on the bar thereby resisting body roll and stabilising the force of motion and weight of the vehicle.

Are Sway Bar Links Important?

Yes, without sway bar links your steering can be impaired as well as your ability to steer when driving, especially around turns. Without them your car won’t be stabilised when turning or driving at high speeds.

Can You Drive With a Broken Front Sway Bar Link?

You technically can but driving without them can be incredibly dangerous. The symptoms of a broken sway bar link can range from barely noticeable to significant but when it starts to wear out you could end up with immense damage to your vehicle and even have an accident. Broken rear sway bar links are not as dangerous as damaged front sway bar links but they should still be replaced as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If They Need to Be Replaced?

There are a variety of symptoms that will tell you if you need to replace your sway bar links including:

  • A clunking or rattling noise
  • Noises when going over a speed bump
  • Lack of stability when driving
  • Poor handling when turning
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Loose steering
  • Excessive vehicle body roll

If you’re unsure whether or not they need to be fixed, a mechanic will always be able to let you know.

What Causes Sway Bar Links to Go Bad?

Sway bar links, like any other part of the car, are subject to normal wear and tear and so will need to be replaced over time. With sway bar links, it’s the ball joints that will wear out. Water intrusion that leads to rust, age and a lack of lubrication all contribute to deterioration over time.

How to Replace Sway Bar Links

Fitting can different between vehicles, so the below is a guide for the most common approach. Importantly, no other suspension component will be removed, so you won’t have to realign your vehicle.

1. Remove your tyre next to the sway bar link you want to replace. Identify the bad link.

2. Identify the bad link.

3. Remove the nut holding the sway bar link to the sway bar. You’ll need to grip the shaft below the sway bar so it doesn’t turn.

4. Install the new link. Insert the lower part first and then the upper. Make sure it’s installed the same way as the original.

5. Retighten the nuts. Make sure you match your wrench size to the size of the bolt so they do not strip or become damaged..

6. Compress the sway bar link bushings by about half. Bushings are thin tubes used for machinery with rotating or sliding shafts to improve efficiency and reduce vibration and noise. This compression is to ensure that the mounting point has no free-play.

7. After everything is tightened on the link, put your wheel back on, make sure it’s secure and you’re good to go.

If you’re unsure about replacing your sway bar links, make sure to see your trusted mechanic as you can be sure they’ll know what to do.

Where to Find Top-Quality Sway Bar Links

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