Bonnet & Tailgate Gas Struts

Explore Universal Gas Struts for Sale in Australia

If you’re struggling to keep your boot or tailgate open, it could be a problem with your car’s gas struts. When they’re working correctly, your vehicle’s gas struts should easily support your boot or bonnet when you open it, allowing you to check and work on the parts inside at your leisure.

Of course, if your gas struts or any parts of them aren’t working, you might find yourself dealing with a squashed finger or a whacked head. This can happen because the pressurised gas has begun to leak, reducing the overall pressure within the structure, meaning these slender struts just can’t handle the weight of your boot or bonnet. You may even start to see this slowly happen over time, with the boot or bonnet opening more slowly or sagging a little where it used to stay open with no problems.

Whether they’re completely busted or just on the way out, you can always grab new model-specific or universal gas struts at Machter. With options for both bonnet and tailgate gas struts, our quality aftermarket replacements are just the start of our huge range of affordable car parts. Whether you need door parts or a new engine mount, we’ve got you covered.

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Don’t wait until you’re having to rig up your own system to keep your boot or bonnet open. Save yourself the hassle and grab some new gas struts for your car from Machter today!