4WD & SUV Fender Flares

Fender Flares for Your 4WD

Love your 4WD? Then you’ll love the fender flares we offer here at Machter. Car fender flares are an additional part to your 4WD that you place on the guards of the wheels. The purpose of these parts is to gain extra guard size for overhanging wheels and tyres. Basically, when the offset of the wheels is lower, it tends to stick out. Car flares hang over the wheel to cover and compensate for this circumstance. They also make your 4WD appear a bit tougher, and add to the width of the vehicle in a way that many people appreciate aesthetically. 4WD fender flares are moulded according to the exact shape of your vehicle, so you can be sure that your car will receive the perfect fit. They also come in different sizes depending on the car itself and the offset of the wheel.

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At Machter, we’re all about convenience and love a kit, like our body lift kits. That’s why we offer several options for fender flares and accessories, including a flares fit kit, which includes strong, durable fender flares with a shiny white finish accompanied with clips and rubbers. We also have matte black fender flares with hardware, fittings and fasteners for a Toyota Hilux. Alternatively, the wrinkle matt black fenders are perfect for a GWM UTE Cannon. These parts are made of automotive Grade ABS Plastic, stainless steel nuts and bolts, and strong, waterproof sticky tape. Fender accessories for your car include rubber trims, which can replace all four guards on your vehicle. These trims suit all kinds of 4WD vehicles, including The Hilux, Ranger, Landcruiser, Ranger, Triton and Patrol, to name a few.

First-Rate Products for 4WDs

Along with side fender flares, Machter stocks a series of spare parts designed to enhance the capabilities and appearance of 4WDs. For example, our body lift kits that give your 4WD enough height to take on rough terrain. These suspension lift kits are ideal if you’re constantly driving off-road and in hazardous areas where the occurrence of roadkill is commonplace. Alternatively, strut spacers offer a similar service at a more affordable price. These parts are mounted on top of the strut mount bearing of the shock absorber to push down on the suspension and therefore create lift. There’s also a huge selection of bash plates, which protect the underside of your 4WD from any objects that could cause damage on impact.

Wondering How to Find Top-Notch Fender Flares in Australia?

When you’re looking for automotive aftermarket parts, turn to Machter. We have lots of experience and an extensive history of sourcing and supplying car parts to people in Australia, as well as internationally. If you’re still unsure as to what you need, you can contact us via our website or simply explore our products. Shop 4WD fender flares at Machter now!

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