Clock Spring

A Clock Spring for Your Car

Even among auto enthusiasts, the clock spring is one of the lesser-known auto parts. Positioned beneath the steering wheel, it’s the sole connection between your car’s steering wheel and electronic components. You need a clock spring so your steering wheel can turn without losing connection with the rest of the car. Turning the wheel would otherwise break the connection, which is why a clock spring is one of the most critical—yet underrated—electrical auto parts.

What Does a Clock Spring Do?

The clock spring is a coiled ribbon-like wire housed within a protective casing. Designed to expand and contract as you turn the steering wheel, this car part ensures a continuous flow of electrical signals to components such as the airbag, horn, cruise control, audio controls and other integrated electrical functions in the steering wheel. As you turn the steering wheel, the clock spring winds and unwinds to accommodate the movement, preventing the wires from twisting or tangling. Without a functioning clock spring, the wires could become damaged or severed, resulting in the loss of vital functions such as the airbag deployment in the event of a collision.

Need a Clock Spring Replacement?

  • Malfunctioning horn
  • Airbag warning light
  • Cruise control issues
  • Non-responsive steering wheel controls
  • Tilt or telescopic adjustment problems in the steering wheel
  • Squeaking or clicking noises when turning the steering wheel
  • Intermittent electrical issues that affect the steering wheel.

Luckily for you, Machter has a range of different clock spring replacements available for different models of car. If you’re in need of a clock spring for your Toyota HiLux, VE Commodore or VY Commodore, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of a different model, we may just have it in our store! Browse our online collection or reach out to our expert team if you’d like us to order something in for you.

Keep Your Clock Spring Ticking Along

If you’re in the market for a clock spring replacement, look no further than Machter. We’ve got what you need to ensure you make it home safely! Browse our online store today to find the perfect clock spring for your car.

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