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High-Quality Automotive Panel Fasteners for Your Vehicle

Car panel clips may seem like a minor accessory, but they serve a crucial purpose in keeping your car’s body panels and trim in place. Our collection includes clips for a variety of specific purposes, such as attaching exterior plastic trims and bump strips. We also have fastener clips made exclusively for mud flaps, as well as those designed to fit car fenders, bumpers and doors. Other varieties are practically universal, and can be used on a range of areas such as the inner guard, the wheel arch linings, the air intake pipe and filter boxes, the radiator shroud cowling and side skirts. These are just a few applications of panel clips, of which there are generally two main types.

Choosing Your Body Panel Fasteners

The push-type plastic clips for car panels are super easy to install and remove, which makes them the perfect option for securing relatively thin panels and trim pieces. If the car panels and trim pieces need to be removed or replaced quite often, a push-type plastic clip will be extremely convenient.

Alternatively, the screw-type clips work with thicker, more durable material such as metal. These body panel fasteners are not as easy to install or remove, but they benefit from having a stronger hold than their push-type counterparts. As a result, these fasteners can secure thicker panels and trims and are less likely to come loose over time.

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Plastic clips for cars are just one example of the quality replacement parts that Matcher offers. We also stock parts for intricate heating and cooling systems, as well as engine parts and suspension parts. If you’re looking for items to contribute to your car’s lighting system, we can provide you with headlights, tail lights, fog lights and side indicator lights. Additionally, we have spare parts for other vehicles, with products like tyre levers, wall mounts and mobile phone holders designed specifically for bikes, scooters and motorcycles. For fans of the long-haul road trip, we also have caravan parts to keep your vehicle operational and primed to survive long stretches of road.

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Here at Machter, we believe in providing customers with affordable and practical solutions to their vehicle’s needs. This is why we’re in the business of supplying all manner of spare parts for cars, caravans, motorbikes, bikes and scooters. As the best quality products around, our body panel clips and trim clips are inexpensive, long-lasting and multifunctional. Browse our collection today!

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