Car Power Window Switches & Kit

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Machter is renowned for top-tier aftermarket automatic car window switches and other replacement parts. We believe in finding nothing but the highest quality aftermarket parts for individual motorists and garages. No matter how big or small the part, from spark plugs to body panels, our products can help your vehicle reach peak optimal performance. This goes for our collection of car power window switch replacements too.

Our range comes in a variety of designs and configurations, making them suitable for a variety of models. Whether you need switches for a Ford Territory, Nissan Navara or something else entirely, we can help you find the electric window switch replacement you need for your car or garage.

Window switches are imperative for opening and closing a car’s windows. If you’ve ever seen someone operating a vehicle without them, you’ll know how much of a nuisance it is. Many people simply opt to do nothing about their broken or failing window switches, and this only makes the problem worse over time. The best thing to do is ensure that your vehicle is always prepared with the most advanced car window switch replacements on the market. Whether you require a master window switch, a rear window switch or a set for both the right and left sides, Machter has the exact products to meet your needs. Our aftermarket parts are not only designed with efficiency and durability in mind, but made to suit a wide range of vehicles. Our main window switches are therefore incredibly versatile and suitable for your car.

Machter takes sourcing high-quality parts seriously. What’s more, we believe in making all our state-of-the-art parts cost-efficient, as we don’t think individuals and mechanics should have to pay exorbitant prices for the best parts. If you’ve been looking for the best aftermarket power window switches, you will love the fantastic collection we have right here in our online store.

Check Out More Great-Quality Aftermarket Automotive Parts at Machter

Machter is renowned as one of Australia’s best aftermarket part specialists. We understand the importance of good-quality aftermarket parts to ensure a vehicle is running at its best.

Our range includes, but is not limited to:

  • Window regulators:  High-quality, durable window regulators are required to ensure a vehicle’s windows are operating efficiently. Our collection is made to suit a range of vehicle models.
  • Battery trays: Battery trays are essential for protecting your car’s battery — otherwise serious problems could occur. Our collection is designed to protect your vehicle battery to the highest standard.
  • Ignition barrels: A faulty ignition barrel can make getting your car going a real problem. If your car’s ignition barrel is acting up, be sure to replace it with a high-quality aftermarket model. Our range is designed to ensure optimal durability so that you can start your car without any problems.
  • Starter motors: These components are essential for getting your car going. Starter motors are what enable all other engine parts to get moving and fire up the engine itself. Without a fully operational starter motor, your car will simply not start.

Switch Up Your Electric Window Switches Today

If your window switch is failing or broken, be sure to shop our extensive range to find top-quality power window switch replacements at amazing prices!