Electric Window Regulators & Mechanisms

Discover Electric Window Regulators & Mechanisms for All Kinds of Car Models

Manual window winders are a thing of the past now that electric window regulators come standard with every car coming off the assembly line these days. Gone are the days of manually turning a handle to get some fresh air on your drive; instead it’s all up to your window regulator motor. Window regulators are hidden under the door panel. Much like your starter motor or drive shaft, it’s a case of out of sight and mind; that is, until your electric window mechanism fails. This can happen in all manner of ways. A gear that powers the assembly may fracture, a cable or belt may become loose or break, or the regulator carriage may no longer engage with the window to move it up and down. Regardless, suddenly you may be left with your window half-open or stuck closed. Luckily, at Machter, we’ve got just the fix with a huge range of window regulators to choose from.

Just How Important Is a Quality Electric Window Regulator Motor?

While you might think you can get by with a front window that no longer moves, you’ll soon be wishing for that regulator to be working again. Without a working window regulator, you’re potentially dealing with:

  • Environmental factors having easy access to inside your vehicle, including wind, rain and dust.
  • A tempting easy point of entry for car thieves.
  • Reduced comfort as you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your car.
  • Impaired safety with reduced options for escape if an emergency occurs.

Find Your New Window Regulator At Machter & So Much More

Thankfully, Machter is the place to go if you want to get dependable car window regulators. As we have been servicing the vehicle spare parts market for a long time, we’re able to offer a diverse selection of quality aftermarket electric window mechanisms and motors to suit your car and get those windows moving again.

But that’s not all we have to offer! We have a huge range of aftermarket parts to keep your car running as good as new. For instance, make sure your car starts like a dream with our great ignition parts. Or, limit damage to your car battery with the perfect battery tray, made to suit your car’s make and model.

Shop Excellent Electric Window Regulators at Machter Today!

Don’t make do or go without when it comes to opening and closing your car’s windows. It’s a simple fix! All you need is a window regulator from Machter. Get yours now.

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