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Car speedometer sensors play a crucial role in modern automotive systems. These sensors monitor the speed of a vehicle and provide essential data to various control modules within the car. One of their main functions is to assist in the proper functioning of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and, therefore, improve safety and control. Car speed sensors also contribute to the functioning of the traction control system (TCS) and stability control system by providing real-time speed information to these systems. Beyond safety features, speed sensors play a role in optimising fuel injection, transmission shifting and cruise control systems, helping the car to operate efficiently under all kinds of conditions. At Machter, we understand the importance of these devices, and make sure to supply aftermarket speedometer sensors of the best possible quality.

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With our high-quality sensors, you’re not just upgrading components — you’re investing in the precision and reliability that define a superior driving experience. At Machter, we have cutting-edge automotive sensors such as wheel speed sensors and map sensors. Map sensors improve engine efficiency by precisely measuring manifold pressure, allowing for seamless fuel injection adjustments. As these sensors fine-tune your engine’s performance, you can enjoy smoother acceleration and improved fuel economy. Along with sensors, we offer electrical auto parts such as clock springs, air control valves, electric switch controls and much, much more. Trust us to deliver automotive products that go beyond expectations, combining innovation, durability and performance for a ride that’s safer and more exhilarating.

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At Machter, we take pride in our vast selection of top-tier automotive products, which cater to a range of needs and preferences. We stock mechanical and electrical products, as well as components for steering and suspension; heating and cooling; exterior and interior; and more. What makes our premium products even better is that they’re available at affordable prices and can be delivered to your door. We also offer unmatched customer service so you can feel comfortable and confident in asking questions and finding the right stuff for your car. 

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Car speed sensors play a pivotal role in enhancing safety, control and overall vehicle performance. For effective and durable speed sensors, visit Machter today!

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