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Two of your vehicles most critical systems are its suspension and steering systems. They help you get from A to B quickly and comfortably. This means, though, when something goes wrong, you’ll know about it quick-smart. Thankfully, as one of Australia’s largest online suppliers of suspension and steering parts, we know just what you need to ensure your vehicle will go the distance. From power steering parts to shock absorbers, we’ve got it.

Steering & Suspension Parts for Your Car

Your steering and suspension systems are both made up of intricate networks of components that work together to make sure you get a smooth ride and your car is responsive. It’s important to stay on top of your regular maintenance and checks of these parts so you can quickly replace any worn or damaged parts.

If you are looking to replace a part for your steering or suspension system, Machter can help. We not only have a great range of parts for each system, but also a huge selection of parts to suit different popular cars, from the Holden Commodore to the Toyota Landcruiser.

Our Steering Range

It’s hard to argue your steering system isn’t one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, made up of some key components. And you certainly know if something within it has started to fail. If you’re hearing a grumbling as you turn or accelerate, or having trouble getting that responsiveness from your steering, it’s time to swap out your wheel hub bearings. Alternatively, that odd feeling steering wheel could mean your tie rod ends need replacing. However, if you’re hearing clunking or finding your car keeps pulling to the side, your control arms and bushings could be at fault.

Our Suspension Range

Your suspension system works to reduce the impact of jolts and vibrations so you can get to your destination without the bumps. But if you’re finding yourself feeling battered and bruised after any drive, something could be amiss and a replacement is in order. If you’re hearing a knocking, clunking or clicking sound, it could be time to replace those CV drive joints. Alternatively, if you’re seeing uneven or premature tyre wear or poor alignment, the problem might be your strut mount bearings. Whatever the issue, you’ll find the part to fix it at Machter.

Why Shop at Machter?

When it comes to expert advice and quality, affordable auto parts it has to be Machter. We source a wide range of reliable aftermarket car parts to make sure you can find the ones you need at a great price. Plus, as the automotive part specialists, our team also offers our expertise and support to all of our valued customers.

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Our online shop caters to many different vehicle makes and models so that when you buy suspension and steering parts from us, you can be confident you’ve found the right fit. From parts for SUVs to station wagons to sedans, and everything in between, we have quality, money-saving solutions for every kind of car enthusiast. So sort out those steering and suspension problems today by shopping at Machter!

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