Glow Plugs

Do You Know These Symptoms of a Bad Glow Plug?

Fuel consumption and economy are major concerns for car owners. This is because, along with regular maintenance, these two factors affect the cost of keeping a car. If you’re a car owner, then you’ll know that over time parts of your car will experience wear and tear, eventually affecting the performance of your vehicle on the road. In addition, delays in replacing or repairing parts can lead to additional costs, such as increased fuel consumption because of fuel inefficiency. Over time, this can really add up, making owning and using your car far less cost effective.

One small yet extremely significant part of your car is the glow plug. This part is responsible for heating the fuel and air entering the engine so you can start your car. A glow plug can be found in each cylinder of your car’s engine — so if you have an eight-cylinder engine, you need to keep a close eye on all eight glow plugs. This is because if your plugs aren’t working properly, you may experience serious problems with your car.

The following can be signs it’s time to replace your glow plugs:

Your Engine Warning Light Flashes

Your car may alert you to an engine-related issue by switching on the engine warning light. Take your car to your mechanic as soon as possible if this happens.

Your Car is Hard Starting

Over time, a glow plug may become carbon fouled or damaged. One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning diesel engine glow plug is a hard start during cold weather. You may also observe white smoke from the exhaust for quite a few minutes while the engine is idling. If you’re sure that there are no problems with your battery then your next step is to check your car’s glow plugs.

Your Engine Misfires

The combustion that occurs in an engine can only occur if the correct amount of fuel is injected at the right time. This can only happen if you have fully functioning diesel glow plugs. The process of fuel injection is very quick and it requires really high temperatures that these plugs can create. However, if you start your car and you notice it vibrate, you may need to check your plugs.

Your Car Emits Black Smoke

Black smoke is also a common symptom of malfunctioning glow plugs. It’s caused by an imbalance between the amount of fuel and air injected. However, black smoke can also be indicative of a number of other issues with your car. You still should check your plugs though, before moving onto other potential causes.

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