Aftermarket ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

ABS Wheel Speed Sensors for Sale

ABS (anti-lock braking system) wheel speed sensors are critical to your car’s braking system. Of all the sensor parts, these are the most important when it comes to car control. Whenever you hit the brakes, the ABS wheel speed sensors are there. While you’re merely pressing down on the brake pedal, the wheel speed sensors are doing the heavy lifting, calculating your car’s speed and adjusting the brake pressure per wheel. Basically, these sensor parts prevent wheel lock-up and skidding in the interests of stabilising your car, reducing stopping distances and improving safety overall.

Are Your Wheel Speed Sensors Up To Scratch?

Like virtually all electrical auto parts, ABS wheel speed sensors will wear out over time. Moreover, dirt or debris can (and will) accumulate in your system over time, which can affect sensor accuracy. To keep your wheel speed sensors up to scratch, you should maintain your car’s ABS system on the regular. Such maintenance can also save you some costly repairs down the road.

However, if you feel it’s about time to upgrade or replace your car’s wheel speed sensor, we have a range of different models available fit for specific car models, from the Toyota HiLux to the Nissan Navara. Why not have a look?

Wheel Speed Sensors & Specificity

Upon reviewing our selection of ABS wheel speed sensors, you may notice there’s no consistent shape across all products. That’s because each type differs depending upon the model of car it fits. Moveover, front-wheel speed sensors can differ from rear-wheel variants, and left from right. So, if you want something as specific as a VE Commodore front-wheel speed sensor, you’ll need to sniff around for that perfect fit.

Shop ABS Wheel Speed Sensors & More at Machter

From wheel speed sensors to map sensors, we have everything you need at Machter. Whether you want to upgrade or replace your electrical auto parts, you can count on us to provide the quality and affordable goods for your car. Browse our online shop for inspiration and reach out to our auto-enthusiast staff if you’re after some recommendations. Let’s find you an ABS wheel speed sensor and ensure some short, sharp and accurate braking.

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