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Machter car engine parts are gathered from the most reputable manufacturers from around the world. We’re your go-to destination for durable, affordable, and efficient car engine parts in Australia and anywhere else on planet earth!

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Car engines represent the lifeblood of a car, and if things were to go wrong with your engine — it’s game over! Hence, Keeping your car healthy requires the highest level of engine maintenance. And when it comes to maintenance, you should rely on only the best and most authentic aftermarket car parts and engine components.
Replacing damaged car engine parts just got easier with the best engine parts supplier in Australia – Machter Autos!

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The range of car engine parts available for your use is almost limitless. They include:
Rubber Castor Rod Bush, Diesel Fuel Spill, Stepper Motor Controller, Oil Cooler, Auto Transmission Oil Cooler, Engine Mount, Rocker Cover Gasket, Starter Motor, Timing Chain, Air Cleaner Intake Hose, Air Filter Box, Auto Transmission Gearbox, Clutch Save Cylinder, Crank Angle Sensor, Oil Pump, Heater Hose, Oil Pan Filter, Oil Pressure Switch Sensor, Hand Brakes and among other engine components your car may require.
These auto engine parts present the most inclusive group for all your car’s engine needs. Here are a bit more details about some of them:
Engine Mounts

Engine mounts are a key engine component. They perform two very important functions:

  1. Keep the engine in place. 
  2. Prevent engine vibrations from affecting all the other parts of the car.

Engine mounts don’t get damaged too often but when they do, they need to be replaced.
Machter Auto offers a broad range of engine mounts as part of its aftermarket engine parts collections in Australia suitable for different brands of cars including Front Engine Mount (for Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan) and Rear Engine Mounts for other car brands.

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Oil Cooler and Oil Filter

Oil coolers are great for keeping engine oil cool. As a result of lubrication, oil gathers heat very fast which in turn affects its viscosity. You need just about the right oil temperature to help everything else function optimally.
Oil Filters help to remove dirt from the engine oil, effectively preventing damage to the engine.
Machter Auto’s aftermarket parts collection includes oil coolers, oil cooler repair kits, and oil filters with a 99% dirt removal efficiency ratio.

Crank Angle Sensor

Crankshaft Angle/Position Sensors from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket manufacturers are available especially for Holden and Nissan engines.

Timing Chain Kit

Especially for vehicles with high mileage, a timing chain kit is an unavoidable expense. A worn-out timing chain can cause your car engine to function poorly – or stop your car from getting started at all
Available at Machter Autos, are timing chain kits fit for Holden Captiva, Ford Ranger, Mazda, Toyota Prado, and many other car types. The price range for these essential timing chain auto engine parts is in the affordable range – between $70 - $550.

Rocker Cover & Gaskets

A rocker cover gasket or valve cover gasket is used to keep the rocker cover in position while ensuring that oil does not seep away from your engine. Gaskets are essential auto engine parts and a damaged gasket may kickstart processes that will put your car engine at risk of catching fire.
Rocker Cover Gasket fits for Holden Commodore to Nissan X-Trail are available for sale at affordable prices. Browse here for a quality rocker cover gasket.

Starter Motor

A good and functioning starter motor is necessary for cranking your engine to life. Without starter motors, your car won’t start. Good starter motors usually last for a very long time – but there’s no telling when it’ll fail. If you have a starter motor problem and you’re looking for a store with durable aftermarket engine parts in Australia with a range to provide you with a starter motor, you’re in the right place. Machter Auto sells starter motor fit for many car types including Holding Commodore, Holden Jackaroo, Holden Rodeo, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and numerous other car engines. Get buying now.

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel pressure regulators allow just the right amount of fuel to go to your car engine. A poor fuel pressure regulator can cause your car’s fuel efficiency to diminish.
The NPT Low-Pressure Carburetor Fuel Pressure Regulator has a maximum flow of 150 LPH and its fittings allow for easy installation – and, it works for most cars!
As far as engine parts online go, the best deal exists at Machter Auto!

V-Band Clamp

These seemingly low-use car parts are actually very important. V-Band Clamps are used to hold flanged joints together. V-Band Clamps can hold even the strongest diesel engine parts together.
Available for sale on Machter Autos are 2.5-inch and 4-inch V-Band Clamps. These powerful Clamps will stay strong no matter how many times you remove and refix them.

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