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All Your Aftermarket Engine Parts In One Place

At Machter, we source quality aftermarket car engine parts from the most reputable manufacturers around the world and bring them together in our super convenient and affordable engine collection. Whether you need an engine mount or oil pump, you can trust you’ll find the perfect one at a great price when you shop at Machter.

Engine Parts to Suit Everyone’s Daily Drive & Valued Vehicle

When engine problems strike, time is of the essence to get the problem part replaced and have you back on the road. The last thing you want to do is be left waiting around for that key part to come in. That’s why at Machter we make sure to have a selection of engine parts for the most popular cars on Australian roads today, from Fords to Mazdas to BMWs. And if you can’t find the part you need in our collection, get in touch and we’ll sort it out!

Every Engine Part You Could Possibly Need

Economical and effective engine repair is all about targeting the problem part and repairing or replacing it. There’s no point throwing out the whole engine if only one component has gone kaput! Thankfully, you’ll find our selection of aftermarket engine parts includes components large and small, like pistons, rings and cylinder heads.

Sturdy Engine Mounts

Ensure your engine stays in place and its vibrations do not affect other crucial car parts with our top-notch engine mounts. We have both front and rear engine mounts to suit a range of cars, including Jeeps, Audis and Holden Commodores.

Quality Exhaust Parts

Shop everything you could need for your car’s exhaust system, from mounts to manifold gaskets to V band clamps, and keep your car from choking up.

A Range of Crankshaft Parts

Having trouble getting your car to start or having problems with stalling, misfiring or vibration? These can all be signs of issues with your crankshaft. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We have a great selection of crankshaft parts, including angle sensors and pulleys, to get your car back in action.

Top Timing Chain Kits

For vehicles that have built up the kilometres, a new timing chain kit is likely on the cards. A worn-out timing chain can cause your car’s engine to function poorly — or stop your car from getting started at all. That’s why we stock plenty of timing chain kits, including for Australian favourites, like the Nissan Navara, Honda Accord, Ford Ranger and Holden Commodore.

All Your Rocker Covers & Gaskets

A rocker cover gasket or valve cover gasket is used to keep the rocker cover in position while ensuring that oil does not seep away from your engine. Gaskets are essential auto engine parts and a damaged gasket may kickstart any number of serious issues, including some that could put your car’s engine at risk of catching fire! However, when you shop at Machter that needn’t be a problem. We have a huge range of rocker covers to suit just as many different vehicles.

Get Your Engine Roaring Again

With Machter on your side, you can get your car up and running again, as well as back in peak working condition — simply shop our collection of engine parts today to replace any affected parts!

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