Recovery Tow Points

Get the Best Recovery Tow Points to Drive Through Any Terrain Without Worry

Cruising through the desert, along the beach or through the bush is thrilling, but you need to have factored in tow and recovery points if you want an all-thrills, no-risk experience. In unfamiliar terrains, it’s easy to get caught in mud or sand. You may have had it happen to you before, or you’ve had to help someone else out of a jam. However, recovery attempts often go awry if proper preparation hasn’t been done. Getting good quality recovery tow points that are up to the job is just one way you can be prepared. In reality, a good tow point is just as important to a successful off-roading trip as some tough bash plates or a strong bull bar.

How Do Recovery Tow Points Work & Why Do You Need Them?

In Australia, having tow bar recovery points is all part of getting ready for a 4x4 adventure. A recovery point aims to provide a secure and functional attachment point for completing vehicle recoveries with a snatch strap or equivalent device. At Machter, you’ll find our recovery points have been tested and rated to withstand the high pressure involved in pulling a vehicle free. If you’ve ever seen pictures of snapped-off tow balls embedded in windshields, body panels or worse, from ill-advised car rescues, you’ll understand exactly why this testing and rating is so important.

The reason why tow balls are unsafe and you need to use a proper recovery point comes down to how they are attached to your car. A tow ball is mounted on a rather fragile tongue, away from your vehicle's strongest point: the frame. While it is totally safe for its original function of hooking trailers and cargo for towing behind your 4x4, its weaknesses are apparent when employed in car recovery. It essentially transforms your tow ball into a spherical missile ready to be hurled with incredible force. Recovery points, on the other hand, are built to resist the high pressures necessary to free a stuck 4WD. Their design is developed to hook properly to the car’s frame and withstand heavy loads and pressure.

At Machter, we have a great range of 4x4 recovery points that can be used to get your vehicle safely out of a sticky situation. All you need to do is find the tow hitch recovery point designed to suit your vehicle make and model.

Explore the Machter Range Today for Safer, Smoother Journeys

Whether you’re looking to start taking 4WD trips or are an old hand, Machter has plenty to help you get your car ready for the road ahead. First things first, we have plenty of awesome suspension and steering parts to ensure that you can maintain control over your 4x4 even when dealing with uneven and rocky terrain. We also have coil spacers to give you that boost in height for improved ground clearance and visibility to limit accidents. Just don’t forget the side steps to make getting into your lifted vehicle easy for everyone.

Find Tow Recovery Points for Safe Recoveries Every Time

When you’re looking for tough tow points to cope with rugged rescue and recovery missions, you only need to come to Machter. Shop our range of tow recovery points today!

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