Intake/Exhaust Manifold & Gasket

Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Does your exhaust or intake manifold gasket need replacing? We can help you out with our huge range of manifold gaskets. If you’re a little confused about the difference between intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, let us explain; these automotive parts work to seal intake and exhaust ports on the cylinder head. They essentially do the same thing, only for different parts of the cylinder head itself. This difference means they’re designed to handle varying conditions, whether extreme heat and pressure or cooler air and fuel mixes. If you’re in need of a replacement intake manifold, you’ll want one that can handle the job without issue—and this is where Machter comes in. Like all our aftermarket car engine parts, our exhaust and intake manifold gaskets are high-quality and reliable.

Signs Your Manifold Gasket is Leaking

When your manifold gasket is leaking, it’s a good idea to deal with it as soon as possible. This is why it can be helpful to know the signs. If your intake manifold gasket needs replacing, you may notice strange sounds, stalling or rough idling as extra air is sucked into the engine. This can impact acceleration and cause a downturn in performance and fuel economy. Issues with your exhaust manifold gasket, however, will cause a ticking or tapping sound when you start the engine that fades once it warms up. The exhaust will also leave some staining where it is leaking, and fuel economy may suffer. If you notice problems with your manifold gasket, make sure to take action, as severe engine issues and safety hazards can occur if you leave things too long.

What Makes Machter the Right Choice?

At Machter, our products are meticulously researched, sourced, developed, and organised by a team of experts in the automotive industry. This means that every product meets the highest standards of quality, reliability, and performance. It also means that we have curated a wide range of aftermarket car parts. Along with air intake parts like intake manifolds, we have engine parts such as fuel filters, oil pumps and engine mounts. As an example, fuel filters make sure that only clean fuel reaches the engine, preventing contaminants from causing damage and maintaining optimal fuel system performance.

Beyond engine parts, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a host of electrical, mechanical, steering and suspension parts at Machter. There are also 4x4 components, heating and cooling components, lighting parts, tools, and accessories. By choosing Machter as your supplier, you can trust that you're getting not only range, but quality too. Our top-notch products are backed by expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Replace Your Manifold Gaskets Today!

When it comes to sourcing car parts online, you can’t go past Machter. As well as being experts in our field, we have a strong understanding of what our customers want—including great service and affordable deals. Replace your intake and exhaust manifold gaskets as soon as possible with our wonderful automotive parts—shop now!

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