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Although the basics of an ignition coil have remained constant, the demands placed on them have evolved. Stringent emissions rules, less engine space, and demands for improved fuel efficiency and greater ignition voltage – up to 45,000 volts in current vehicles – all mean that coil technology is continuously improving. Plus, an ignition coil’s useful life is typically only 60,000–80,000 kilometres; however, this might vary depending on other factors. As time goes on, the coil will begin to deteriorate, and you’ll need to start shopping for a robust and long-lasting replacement.

Luckily, Machter is here to help as your key aftermarket parts supplier. With our intimate knowledge of car repair, we’ve created a collection of car ignition coils and components of unparalleled quality and affordability. Consequently, our range of ignition coils for cars is efficient and effective, delivering optimal engine performance, exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency for less. Whether it’s vehicle ignition parts or suspension and steering parts parts you’re after, you’ll always find great quality for less at Machter.

Durable Ignition Coil Parts & More You Can Rely On

An ignition coil might fail unexpectedly or progressively degrade. A car with a single ignition coil will not start; and total coil failure on DIS, COP and CNP units may show as a dead cylinder, with choppy, poor performance and fuel efficiency, generally accompanied by a Check Engine Light shown on the dash. Cracks, corrosion and coil failure can occur as a result of age and continuous exposure to heat and vibrations.

That’s why we offer the replacement ignition coils and related components you need to restore appropriate performance, dependability, and fuel economy no matter what car you’re driving or what type of ignition system it has. We provide ignition coil parts that have been thoroughly tested and meet our high standards, so you can expect your car to work as intended. Additionally, we also have associated components, such as starter motors, in addition to an extensive range of ignition system coils. This way, you can give your car a complete overhaul without breaking the bank.

So, while you’re looking for ignition module coils, don’t forget to grab any other parts you need. For instance, keep your car’s battery secure and in place with our battery trays. Or, upgrade your suspension for a smoother ride with our selection of coil spacers. When it comes to car repairs and modifications, you can trust Machter.

Shop Machter Today & Get the Ignition Module Coil That Your Car Truly Deserves

Because the ignition coil is so vital in starting your engine, you need a high-quality component. And there is no better place than Machter to find the ideal ignition coils and parts. We have a wide variety of ignition coils and parts that are not only great-quality but affordable as well. Shop the range today!

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