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When it comes to tie rod end parts, they can often be the unsung heroes of our cars. Like clutch slave cylinders and rotor hats, these small parts make a big difference to how your car drives. Thankfully, if you ever need to replace a tie rod, you can find all the tie rod end parts you need here at Machter. You’ll also be happy to know that our tie rod ends are made to fit a selection of vehicles, including the Ford Territory, Honda Civic and Toyota Hilux.

How Do Tie Rod Ends Work?

Tie rods are vital for precise steering in all vehicles. They are basically the arm of your power steering rack, and make steering in combination with a steering pump effortless. A functional tie rod connects the suspension and steering system to the front wheels so that the wheels turn accurately as the steering wheel is turned. This means you need to use less effort to get your car to turn.

How Do You Know If a Tie Rod End Is Bad?

There are several very noticeable things you can watch out for when determining whether or not your tie rod end is bad. Below are some common symptoms of a faulty tie rod end:

  • Steering wheel vibrates or shakes
  • Poor front end alignment
  • Steering wheel feels loose
  • Abnormal tyres
  • Loud, unusual noises

One of the primary jobs of the tie rod end is to keep things solid on the front end of your vehicle. This includes the tie rod end, steering rack, wheels and tyres, stabiliser bars, struts, and other components that all factor into the vehicle’s alignment. When the tie rod is worn down, it will become loose and cause the front end of the vehicle to fall out of alignment.

The tie rod ends of any vehicle provide stability and allow your car, ute or SUV to drive smoothly down the road. When they wear out, they tend to break very quickly. If you notice a problem with the way your car drives, like those described above, you need to get a replacement fast.

Why Shop at Machter?

Machter offers a wide range of exceptional aftermarket car parts, with products like steering racks and tie rod ends acting as the tip of the iceberg. As automotive part specialists, we endeavour to bring you high-quality parts from across Australia and the world. Each member of our knowledgeable team is committed to helping you, and can happily offer specialist expertise and support to all customers. Whatever automotive parts you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them at Machter.

Along with inner tie rod parts, Machter sells a variety of safe and reliable brake cylinders for Holden, Toyota and Nissan vehicles. We also have power steering pumps to ensure you get the most from your steering system. All of these automotive parts — tie rod ends included — are necessary for your vehicle to be driven safely.

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Get your tie rod ends from one of Australia’s favourite suppliers of automotive parts! We have everything you need for your car and 4WD’s suspension. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team on (02) 7801 4933 or sales@machter.com.au.

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