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High-Quality Battery Trays to Enhance Your Car

While we all know one of the crucial components of your vehicle is its electrical system, it’s easy to overlook the battery tray’s role in this system. Your 4x4 or SUV won't be able to navigate challenging trails if it lacks a consistent supply of electricity. Luckily, Machter can supply you with the best electrical parts and accessories, including undertray battery trays and starter motors, if you need to upgrade, maintain or repair your car’s electrical system.

When installing a battery system in your car, a dual battery tray kit is the ideal first step since it places the strongest solution in the best possible place. We also offer a variety of under tray battery boxes tailored for various vehicles for simple installation. We make use of as many mounting points as we can to boost strength and rigidity. So, think Machter if you want to keep your auxiliary battery safe and secure even on the roughest tracks and corrugations!

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When you encounter a rough-cut trail, your battery can unplug or move about in your vehicle. Of course, that could result in power outages and electrical shorts. To avoid this kind of mishap, you can upgrade to a high-quality auto battery tray that better protects your vehicle's battery rather than leaving your off-road adventure to chance. Put simply, Machter's under tray battery holders offer you the convenience you need to rule wherever you want to drive your rig while stock plastic trays only provide minimal support.

Furthermore, while everyone loves to get a bit rough and dirty while 4WDing, you don't want to see a filthy, oily mess when you open the bonnet of your vehicle. Handily, the appearance of everything under your bonnet is improved with the appropriate metal battery tray. Alternatively, you can opt for a behind seat battery tray option!

Overall, Machter battery trays are a high-quality solution specifically designed for the most popular vehicles in Australia. We have battery trays for a variety of car makers, including Nissan, Ford Mitsubishi and Toyota.

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At Machter, we have a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories, including window switches, running boards, and battery trays. We have created our collection to give you the ultimate off-roading experience, from ignition coils to give you that quick, reliable start to LED headlights to make sure you can see everything on the road ahead.

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Whether you’re off-roading or commuting, a sturdy, reliable and quality battery tray from Machter.