Car Lights - Headlights, Fog lights, & Tail lights

Visibility When You Need It

Whether you’re driving day or night, you need your car’s lighting systems to be up to scratch. Plus with the many recent technological advancements across lighting, you can get more out of car’s lights than ever before. And with Machter, you can do it and save money! From headlights and high beams to tail lights and fog lights, we have the lights you need, including car make and model specific options.

Switch On Your Lights


Whether low beam or high beam, your headlights are crucial for navigating dark stretches of road and letting other road users know you’re there. Even if only one of your headlights isn’t pulling its weight, you’ll clearly notice the difference and the likelihood of accidents increases significantly. Thankfully, at Machter we have all your headlight needs answered, from bulbs, including LED options, to headlight accessories.

Tail Lights

Like your headlights, your tail lights help other road users clearly see you and accurately estimate how far away you are. These small red lights are a crucial component of every vehicle on the road. That’s why it’s important to replace them as soon as possible if they’ve failed. At Machter, you’ll find we have a wide range of tail light options to suit different makes and models, and even choices to suit your trailer.

Fog Lights

Fog can be a real problem when you’re driving. Not only does it greatly reduce visibility, but it can reflect light back at you making it even more difficult to drive. That’s why fog lights are specially mounted low to minimise this glare. While you might use them less than other lights on your car, when you need fog lights, you’ll want them working at 100%. Make sure yours are ready for the next foggy winter’s morning by exploring our range today.

Indicator Lights

While you might see a few people on the road who seem to forget these lights exist, we promise you that indicator or turning lights are a must for any car. These lights are important for advising other users that you’re about to make a turn, so they can adjust their speed as necessary. So make sure yours are up to the job by checking them regularly and replacing them as needed. You’ll find plenty of replacements in our online store.

Machter Makes Auto Parts Shopping Brighter

As an automotive parts specialist, you can bet that we have a wide range of aftermarket car parts, from lights to engine components to heating and cooling systems. Plus, we specialise in finding quality parts and selling them for less, so you can always make those repairs or adjustments to your car without having to keep balancing your budget. It’s why we’re one of Australia’s favourite auto parts suppliers.

Find Your Light Today!

When it comes to car lights, Machter’s the one to trust. Check out our great selection today and make sure you can see whenever you drive, day or night.

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