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Give Your Car Some Real Lift With Our Body Lift Kits

With the right car lifting kit, you can give your car some real height. Body lift kits are designed to give you extra height by sandwiching a high-quality spacer, like a coil spacer, between the body and the frame. While a 2-inch or more suspension lift can give your car a little more attitude, raising your car’s suspension is about more than just looks.

Do I Need a Car Lifting Kit Or Should I Give It a Miss?

Using a body lift kit can give your car some much-needed clearance if you’re big into off-roading. Of course, you’ll need to install larger tyres as well to get the most out of your front or rear suspension lift. And speaking of further installs, adding a tail shaft spacer will also help get your tail shaft back in prime position if your front or rear lift kit has it out of whack.

Along with greater clearance, you’ll also have improved visibility, thanks to your body lift kit. This comes in handy whether you’re trying to see what’s the hold-up at the lights or looking off at the horizon on the great open road.

Conveniently, you can get a huge range of car lifting kits and parts at Machter, designed to suit different car makes and models.

Don’t Just Stop at Body Lift & Tail Shaft Spacer Kit Though

However, if you’re really looking to get the most out of your car, particularly if you like to bush bash or go off the beaten track, you need a few extra bits and pieces. Luckily, Machter has you covered.

Firstly, we reckon you can never go amiss with a good set of bash plates. If you’re travelling uneven terrain or taking a cheeky shortcut, trees, rocks and more can damage your vehicle’s vulnerable underside. Bash plates help keep vital parts of crucial systems, like your suspension and steering, out of harm’s way.

Like bash plates, brush bars are also a way to protect your car or 4WD from obstacles like scrub and rocks. They give you some solid protection across the front quarter panels, working great alongside a quality bull bar.

Choose Machter When You Want Body Lift Kits That Give You More Than Just Height

At Machter, we stock a range of affordable, quality aftermarket car lifting kits and parts, designed to give your car enhanced capabilities and a tougher appearance. Plus, we have everything you need to augment that extra height to get even better value. All you have to do is shop the range today!

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