Brush Bars

Brave Tough Conditions With 4x4 Brush Bars

If you ever brave off-road or trying climatic conditions in a Nissan Patrol, MQ Triton, Toyota HiLux, LandCruiser or similar model of four-wheel drive, you need to invest in some brush bars. These accessories are among the 4x4 parts that protect your car from the obstacles inevitable to more rural or off-road conditions. Made from heavy-duty metal or steel, brush bars attach to your four-wheel drive, SUV, or truck to protect you in the event you collide with animals, branches, or rocks, or have a brush with rough terrain. You can also use brush bars to strengthen your towing capacity—and your aesthetic appeal.

How To Attach Brush Bars

To attach your brush bars to your vehicle, you’ll need brackets and clamps. Some brush bars are often made with a specific make of vehicle in mind, so you’ll need to ensure that whatever you purchase fits whatever you have. At Machter, our range of brush bars will often fit Nissan Patrols, MQ Tritons, LandCruisers and Toyota HiLuxes. If you ever get stuck or require a set for a different make of vehicle, be sure to hit up one of our helpful staff members.

Once you’ve got your brush bar brackets and clamps ready to go, installing this ultra-strong addition is a matter of a few more outstanding steps:

  1. Positioning the brush bars and attaching the mounting brackets
  2. Fastening the brush bars to the vehicle’s front frame
  3. Tightening all bolts and screws with a socket wrench
  4. Double-checking the alignment and adjusting if necessary
  5. Reinstalling any factory components that were removed
  6. Testing the brush bars for secure attachment.

Keep Building With These Other 4x4 Parts

Can’t get enough of four-wheel drive tinkering? You may want to check out our other 4x4 parts. If you’re often off-roading and you continue to encounter obstacles such as potholes or uneven terrain, a coil spacer may be a great addition for you. Mount one atop your shock absorber’s strut mount bearing and enjoy more lift that doesn’t compromise on wheel travel or ride quality! A coil spacer is a great addition to any four-wheel-drive, especially if you’re gearing up for a longer drive. Rig it up to enhance your shock absorption and provide greater endurance.

If you want some extra protection for your wheels, then a fender flare or two may be more for you. With these 4x4 parts, you can gain extra guard size for your overhanging tyres. Should your wheels stick out due to a lower offset, fender flares can compensate or cover for this problem. Like brush bars, fender flares also succeed in toughening your car’s appearance, which is an aesthetic many appreciate. A fender flare must fit your car’s shape to render itself effective, so you don’t be afraid to be picky.

Raise the Bar on Your Car With Excellent Brush Bars From Machter

If you’ve read about brush bars and like what you’re hearing, you should check out Machter’s online collection. We have what you need to toughen your vehicle for trying conditions, for towing, or even for general road use. Have a look at our range of auto parts and be sure to get in touch if you need assistance  or would like us to source a part just for you!

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