Tail/Headlight Covers

Upgrade Your Ride With Our High-Quality Tail & Head Light Covers

Machter is your ultimate destination for buying tail and head light covers. We’re proud to offer you a large selection of quality aftermarket headlight and tail light cover replacements to suit a range of vehicles. With a properly fitting headlight protector, you can protect your headlights and tail lights from damage and improve how it looks all in one easy install. You’ll find that all of our light covers are made from strong materials to ensure they can withstand Australia’s extreme weather, while also giving you years of quality service. So, whether you’re looking for a back light cover to protect your tail lights or a headlight cover, you know you can trust a light cover from Machter.

Looking for More Than Just Rear Headlight Covers?

Alongside our great collection of headlight and tail light cover replacements, we’ve got just about everything you could ever need when it comes to driving lights and accessories for your car. For starters, ensure your car is road legal with properly functioning headlights and tail lights. Or, if you’re regularly driving in the bush or along dark streets, consider an upgrade to something a little more powerful, like LEDs, to make driving at night safer and easier! We even have fog lights available if you’re regularly dealing with low-visibility conditions.

Choose Machter for All Your Tail Light & Headlight Protector Needs!

Whether your existing light covers are damaged or just looking a little worse for wear, know you can always find a quality replacement at Machter!

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