4WD Bash Plates

The Importance of Underbody Bash Plates for Your 4WD

If you’re planning to head off-road, one of the first modifications you should make to your 4x4 vehicle is the addition of bash plates. Also known as underbody protection plates, these parts protect your vehicle’s underside from any objects that could cause damage. Many drivers make the mistake of skipping this step in their preparation for off-road travel, but it is a step that can save you considerable effort and money in the future.

Why Should I Get 4WD Underbody Protection Plates?

The underside of your 4WD is home to many expensive vehicle components, as well as components that are crucial to your vehicle’s ability to run such as the radiator, sump and diff actuator. Without 4WD bash plates to protect these components, something as simple as slamming into a washout at the beach could render your car undrivable. This is why car bash plates are so important if you’re planning to go off-road around Australia.

Discover 4WD Underbody Protection & Other Safety Products for Your 4x4

At Machter, we have a huge range of 4x4 parts to choose from, including car bash plates to suit various vehicles. For example, we have Toyota Hilux bash plates, as well as those for Toyota Landcruisers and Prados. We also have protection plates designed for the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado and Mazda. Our bash plates can come powder coated black, red or brown-read, but all of them are anti-corrosive, impact resistant, sturdy and durable.

More than 4WD Bash Plates

Along with bash plates, we stock several products that are designed to protect your 4x4. For example, brush bars protect the front of your vehicle—especially the headlights—from the damaging impact of brush and small trees. These are especially useful if you are driving off-road fairly often. On a similar note, if you love heading to the bush or the beach, you will need to invest in recovery tow points for your vehicle. These ensure that if you get stuck in mud or sand, you can get out of that situation quickly and efficiently.

Body Lift kits lift your vehicle higher off the ground, giving you room for larger tyres and providing your car with some much-needed clearance. These lift kits also allow for better visibility, which is super handy when you’re tackling unfamiliar and hazardous territory. You can additionally lift your car through the use of strut spacers, which won’t limit wheel travel or affect ride quality at all.

Shop 4x4 Bash Plates at Machter

Before you take on the rough terrain of bushland, sand dunes and country roads, protect your precious Hilux with high-quality bash plates. In fact, whatever 4WD you have, it could benefit from added underbody protection in the form of these super robust exterior auto parts. Machter has been a reliable and inexpensive alternative to overpriced dealer parts since 2002, and has plenty of experience in sourcing the best Car Auto Parts possible. Shop our car bash plates today and enjoy your off-road adventure!

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