EGR Blanking plates

Make Your Car Go Vroom With EGR Blanking Plates

If you want to get the most out of your turbo engine, you need EGR blanking plates. It’s amazing how much one little car component can affect how things work inside! Maybe you brave offroad conditions on the regular, require a little extra leverage to tow your heavy cargo or camper trailer, or just want to pick up the pace a bit. Whatever your reason for requiring an EGR blanking plate, you can bet we have the type you need for your auto engine and particular model of car. So, let’s peruse before we affix and cruise!

EGR Blanking Plates: What You Need To Know

If your car has a turbo engine, there’s a solid chance it also has an EGR system. In a nutshell, EGR systems recirculate your car’s exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber rather than ushering in fresh air. By reusing exhaust gases, your car is producing fewer nitrogen oxides—which are harmful pollutants—and reducing your emissions and environmental impact. However, if you would rather forgo this process to summon more speed, that’s where EGR blanking plates come in.

To use these EGR valve parts, all you need to do is place and affix your EGR blanking plate over the EGR passages or ports on the intake manifold or EGR valve. This will block the EGR system and allow you to zoom around to your heart’s content! Blocking the EGR system can also address issues with the system or help to prevent carbon buildup in the intake manifold.

Get the Right EGR Blanking Plate for Your Car

Now we’ve laid out the basics of EGR blanking plates, it’s time for you to choose the right one for your car! At Machter, we have EGR blanking plates available for the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado and more! If you’ve browsed our store and cannot find the EGR blanking plate for your car, let us know and we can special-order in what you need. As fellow car enthusiasts, we love to help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Shop EGR Blanking Plates at Machter

If you want to get up to speed with the latest and greatest aftermarket auto parts, Machter is where you want to be. You can find the perfect addition to your EGR valve right here in our online shop! Check out our collection today and check in on our staff with any car-related queries. Let’s help you get the most out of your car!

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