Sway Bar Links - Adjustable Sway Bar Link

Sway Bar Links

A sway or stabilizer bar prevents the car body from leaning too much and keeps the vehicle stable when driving in turns. Most of the cars have 2 sway bar links in the front mostly connected to the lower control arm and one separate sway bar suspension. Some cars have the sway bar links connected to the shock aborber.

The first sign of a worn-out sway bar link is a knocking noise from the suspension when driving slowly over road bumps. In rare cases, if the grease inside the sway bar link joints dries up, it may also make a creaking noise when the car suspension is moving up and down. 

Your mechanic can check the sway bar links while performing a regular service with the car on the lift. A worn-out sway bar link will show a movement when pushed up or down. An extremely worn out sway bar link can separate. This will cause your car to lean excessively in turns and feel less stable and secure on the road. 

How can I identify a faulty sway bar link? 

  • Popping or knocking noise whenever you drive over a pothole or speed bump
  • Harder to drive your vehicle

Do sway bar links have to be replaced at a certain mileage? 

There is no need to replace a sway bar link if it's working properly and is not worn out.

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