Engine EGR Valves & Parts

Shop High-Quality EGR Valves & Auto Parts at Affordable Prices Wondering what is an EGR valve?

It’s something that’s good for your car and the planet! EGR valves help your engine burn fuel more effectively and efficiently by recirculating some of your exhaust and restarting the combustion process. As a result, your EGR valve is an essential car part for increasing your engine’s efficiency, and lowering fuel consumption and emissions. You’ll even find that EGR systems are now mandatory on all new cars.

Of course, as with any part, your engine’s EGR valves do need to be periodically replaced. When your EGR valve fails or malfunctions it can seriously impair your engine's performance or even cause it to stop running altogether. But, you’ll find plenty of affordable EGR valves and engine accessories at Machter in Australia though. From engine mounts to cylinders and camshaft, we have lots of aftermarket options to choose from to fix up or upgrade your car.

Explore Other Great Aftermarket Auto Parts

Beyond your EGR, we have many great car and auto parts to choose from. These can be used to modify and customise your car to improve performance or better suit your driving style, or simply fix it up for less. For instance, ensure you’re getting peak acceleration and power with our quality camshafts and lifters. At the same time, an improved cylinder head can also give you a boost in performance. Or, if you’re looking to head out bush rather than race around the track, you can upgrade your suspension and steering parts for a more rugged rig.

Find Quality Aftermarket EGR Valves, Accessories & More in Australia!

We understand the importance of having a vehicle that you can always depend on. That is why we emphasise quality control throughout our catalogue, including even smaller auto parts like EGR valves. When you need an EGR valve you can depend on, get yours from Machter.