Engine Oil Cooler Assembly

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If you want to maintain your engine running smoothly, an engine oil cooler is the way to go. You should consider installing an oil cooler assembly in your vehicle if your driving style is fairly demanding and has the potential to degrade the performance of your engine. Similarly, if you already drive a vehicle that has an automotive oil cooler, like a sports car or heavy-duty vehicle, you may need to look at an engine oil cooler replacement to ensure you’re getting the full effect of your assembly. However, no matter your reason for needing an engine oil cooler assembly, Machter is here to help.

Unlike traditional tube and fin oil coolers, our aftermarket oil coolers use stacked plates or fin and plate designs that are less constrained. This ensures they provide better flow and cooling as a result. Additionally, you’ll also find that our oil cooler assemblies are made from exceptionally robust, high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium to ensure they last for a long time, even under tough circumstances. We even have complete oil cooler kits that make installing your new oil cooler a breeze. You’ll find all these great options as part of our extensive heating and cooling range, including other great products like fan blades and intercoolers.

Does Your Car Need an Engine Oil Cooler Kit?

Engine oil coolers are popular with high-performance and heavy-duty drivers, but they can be a good addition to just about any vehicle. This is because engine oil coolers increase your engine's lifespan and lessen the likelihood of overheating in challenging situations. For example, if you frequently drive uphill, your engine will likely operate at its highest efficiency for an extended period of time. This generates a lot of heat, which needs to be released. If the heat cannot be dissipated, it accumulates and raises the engine's temperature leading to overheating issues. In this case, an engine oil cooler serves as an additional surface for dissipating heat, allowing you to keep driving with confidence.

After Some More Heating & Cooling Options?

If an engine oil cooler assembly isn’t enough, our heating and cooling range has plenty more for you to enjoy, particularly when it comes to your driving comfort. For instance, ensure your AC is in top condition for summer with our fan blower motors. Similarly, a new AC compressor clutch can keep you from sweating on long drives.

Keep Things Cool With Our Oil Cooler Kits!

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