Car, SUV, 4WD Weathershields

Get Investing in Weather Shields for Your Vehicle

There are few things as refreshing and joyous as a relaxing drive with the windows down — but if you just want to feel the wind in your hair, rather than the weather, you need weather shields. Without them, you leave both yourself and your car’s interior vulnerable to things like rain, dust and debris. Luckily, Machter offers a great range of car window weathershields to fix the problem. This product acts as a barrier over the top of your windows that protects the interiors of the car from outside elements. At the same time, these car window shields allow a decent breeze to pass through and refresh your formally stuffy car.

Additionally, weathershields remove the harshness of a strong wind by providing a diffusive surface that spreads the wind’s impact. It’s sort of similar to the way your car windscreen wiper blades move and disperse rain. This is especially amazing when you’re travelling on a main road at high speeds and itching to crack a window. Finally, a weather shield will improve your car by offering you a new method by which you can prevent the windscreen from getting foggy. While many people use heaters to defog a car, the circulation of cold air will actually work faster. For these reasons, investing in side window weather shields will have a positive effect in terms of safety and comfort too.

Weather Protectors for Cars & Other Exterior Accessories for Better Drives Every Time

At Machter, we have Toyota weather shields, as well as those designed to suit brands such as Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Holden and Falcon. We also have window belts and weather strips, which both add another element of protection to your vehicle. Other handy additions to your car can include fibreglass covers, of which we have varieties for the Ford Falcon Ute and Holden Commodore. Our high-quality windscreen wiper blades are always available if you need a replacement — as it is crucial that these accessories are fully functional at all times. If you need new car, SUV and 4WD door mirrors, we have you covered here too. To be specific, we have manual and electric varieties for the left and right sides, as well as mirror control switches and sun visors. Our products suit a huge range of vehicles, with some being practically universal. Whatever exterior accessories you need, Machter can source the perfect item to improve the safety, functionality and comfortability of your car without sacrificing aesthetics.

Why You Should Shop at Machter

Machter has 20 years of experience in sourcing, developing and organising a comprehensive collection of well-rated aftermarket parts. Our knowledge and impressive range of products means that we can offer you unique solutions to your automotive problems. For reliable and inexpensive products, from weather shields to steering and suspension, choose Machter!

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