Aftermarket Car & 4WD Alternators

For That Flawless Start Every Time

Without an alternator, your car won’t get far. A key component of your car’s electrical system, your car alternator works hard to keep the battery charged, so that when you next need to start the car, the battery can pump sufficient juice to the starter motor.

Does Your Alternator Need Replacing?

Often when a car won’t start, we all suspect the battery as the likely culprit. This can, indeed, be the case. However, you might need to look into an alternator replacement.

If your alternator is on the way out, it will struggle to provide the consistent voltage other parts of your car need, like charging the battery to run the starter motor. You may also notice that your headlights dim or brighten, or other electric accessories take longer to get going. These are all signs you have a failing alternator on your hands

Alternators for Popular Models

At Machter, we have alternators to suit a huge range of popular car makes and models. From Honda Accords to Holden Commodores, we have great-quality aftermarket alternators at even better prices. For more detailed compatibility information, simply choose a product and you’ll find all the information you need in the description. Plus, at prices this good, you can forget about alternator repair; a new part will be more cost-effective and save you heaps of time and effort.

Choose Machter

There’s a whole host of reasons Machter is a popular choice for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike, and it all starts with our amazing product range. We aim to provide a comprehensive catalogue of parts for Australia’s favourite and most common vehicles, from engine components to 4x4 accessories. Not to mention that all these parts meet our high-quality standards. You won’t find better quality aftermarket engine parts and more than at Machter. Finally, our team members are extremely knowledgeable, as well as friendly, so if you need help or advice, all you have to do is ask!

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