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High-Performance Aftermarket Intercoolers to Give Your Car the Boost You’ve Always Wanted!

If you are looking for power gains, Matcher's collection of the best aftermarket intercooler kits is the best choice. We have a massive selection of turbo intercoolers so that any car enthusiast in Australia can get more out of their vehicle. These aftermarket intercoolers are designed to improve engine performance and efficiency while burning less fuel. It achieves this by reducing the temperature of inbound gas to densify the required air and enhance combustion. Moreover, it reduces the inlet gas temperature from 130°C to 60°C, which neutralises the adverse effects of the turbo and adds about 20% more power!

So, if you’re shopping for a high-performance intercooler, we have you covered. As intercooler suppliers, our range includes intercoolers compatible with a variety of cars and 4WDs. And that's not all we can do. We also offer a range of cooling and heating accessories, including fan blades and fan blower motors, to help you find everything you need to upgrade, customise and modify your car in one place!

Enjoy Better Cooling, Performance & Driving Experience With Matcher's Aftermarket Intercoolers!

From a mechanical perspective, keeping a car cool sounds like a simple process: attach a huge radiator, add some plumbing, and fill it with water. Everything is fine as long as the temperature gauge doesn't get too high. However, a lot of thermodynamic cleverness is employed in the background to keep a car inside its safe-working temperature range. An improved and carefully engineered intercooler can significantly increase an engine's performance. Moreover, when it comes to 4WD intercoolers, diesel turbo intercoolers and other intercooler options, they tremendously increase your car's horsepower for a thrilling off-roading experience.

Looking for More Heating & Cooling Essentials?

Along with our great range of diesel intercoolers and more, we have plenty of other essentials to get more out of your car. For instance, improve your radiator’s cooling ability with an upgraded fan blade. At the same time, if you want to treat yourself to an icy cold car on even a scorching day, our AC compressor clutches make that easy. Whether you’re looking to cool your car or yourself down, be sure to explore our full heating and cooling range today.

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