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Stay Cool With a Quality Fan Clutch

When you’re behind the wheel, you want to keep a cool engine—and if your fan clutch ain’t moving, something may overheat. If your car has been exhibiting symptoms such as unnecessary engine drag or resistance, poor acceleration, or impaired power or fuel efficiency, your fan clutch may be failing or broken. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade!

How Your Fan Clutch Works

The fan clutch is a vital part of your engine’s cooling system, located just by your radiator typically. It controls the speed of the cooling fan that regulates your engine’s temperature. How does the fan clutch do this? Quite simply, it engages and disengages the cooling fan depending on the engine’s temperature. When the engine is cool, the fan clutch disengages the fan, allowing the engine to warm up faster. But when the engine gets hot, the fan clutch engages the fan, helping to keep the engine from overheating. So, if you want to keep your engine running smoothly and prevent it from overheating, it’s important to make sure your fan clutch is in good working order.

From Radiator Fan Clutches to Viscous Fan Clutches

At Machter, we have a range of fan clutches available to cool down your engine. We have regular fan clutches, viscous fan clutches, and radiator fan clutches fit for models including the Nissan Patrol, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Mazda BT-50. Browse our online store to find the right model, or even take things up a notch with a thermo radiator fan. This nifty little part can be a great alternative to a fan clutch and is often better for newer or smaller vehicles.

Need To Upgrade Your Radiator?

Sometimes, the fan clutch isn’t the problem. If you need to tinker around with your radiator, we have plenty of auto parts available to restore its regulatory capacities. Sometimes, a radiator hose is all you need to restore a cooler temperature to the engine, while other times call for a new radiator altogether. On the other hand, if your car is fine but you’re looking to enhance performance and fuel efficiency, our intercoolers may interest you. These parts can be amazing additions to vehicles with turbo engines.

LandCruiser Viscous Fan Clutches & Beyond

At Machter, we are car lovers who understand other car lovers. We source and produce aftermarket car parts that will give our customers the ride of their life. Whether you’re a mechanic or an auto hobbyist, you can enjoy our parts at competitive prices. Best of all, our products are top-of-the-line and made to fit most major car models you’ll see on Australian roads. Browse our online store and find your next upgrade today!

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