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Often when driving your vehicle, you don’t think about all the small, albeit important parts that work hard to get you from a to b. These smaller parts often become known to you when your vehicle suddenly breaks down and the mechanic gives you a long list of problems that need to be fixed. Our clients will quite frequently ask us what the strange noise is coming from their brakes when they apply additional pressure, and those are the brake calipers.

There can be any number of reasons why brake calipers fail. Most common is that people don’t replace their bake callipers, and general wear and tear damage the calliper to the point that a loud noise echoes when you press firmly on the brakes. Another way to tell that your brake caliper system needs replacing is that there will be a distinctive smell when you turn your car on. It generally smells like smoke, and in extreme cases, you can see smoke coming from near the brakes. This will often be coming from the front disc brake calliper or from the rear end brake calliper Visit Machter for your brake caliper replacement parts.

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