Bump Stop Kit

Say Goodbye to Rough Roads & Hello to a Smoother Ride With Our Great Range of Bump Stops!

With our diversified range of high-quality bump stops, you’ll get a smooth driving experience, even in the most challenging road conditions. So, say goodbye to the shaking and uncomfortable ride caused by rough roads and uneven terrain with these great bump stops for your car. Our selection of replacement bump stops includes rear bump stops and bolt-on rubber bump stops. Whichever rubber bump stop you choose, you can trust you’ll get superior shock absorption and durability. Moreover, our range has been designed to cater to a wide variety of vehicle make and models, so you don't face any unnecessary challenges while upgrading your vehicle. Whether you need rubber bump stops for your GU patrol or Falcon, we have got you covered with quality aftermarket custom-fit options.

Repair or Upgrade Your Car With More Than Just Our Great Bump Stops!

But the awesome range at Machter doesn’t just begin and end at replacement bump stops. In fact, we have plenty to choose from when it comes to fixing up your car. From enviable enhancements like brake boosters, right through to small but essential parts. For instance, make getting in and out of your car a breeze with our door lock actuators. Or if you’re sick of gears slipping or struggling to find the right one, we have plenty of transmission parts.

Just like all our bump stops, an entire product range has been made to give you excellent value for money. Our aftermarket parts are designed to fit just like the genuine ones, but at a fraction of the price. Plus, they offer fantastic durability so you get even more out of your money. And if you’re stuck, you can always reach out to us. Our team is more than willing to help you find the right part.

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Get set for a smooth journey with a new bump stop or two from Machter.