Control Arms - Lower Control Arm - Upper Control Arm

Control arms are found in the suspension system at the front axle, where one or two of them will be connected to each of the front wheels. Front-wheel drive vehicles typically only have a lower control arm, while most SUVs and trucks have both upper and lower control arms.

Control arms have connection points on each end to link the wheel hub and steering knuckles to the vehicle frame. You’ll typically find both upper and lower control arms equipped with bushings linked to the vehicle frame and ball joints that allow controlled wheel movement in all directions. Control arm ball joints give the steering knuckle the ability to pivot and turn smoothly while the vehicle moves.

What Does a Control Arm Do?

Control arms are among the most essential parts of a suspension system. In technical terms, they connect the steering knuckle to the frame and allow the wheels and chassis to move in unison. This is important for stabilising the vehicle while in motion.They reduce unnecessary movements, including forward and rearward movement, and allow you to steer your vehicle while guiding the wheels up and down the road.

How Long Do Control Arms Last?

Like all components, your control arm can wear out over time. They will typically wear out at around 145,000 to 160,000 kilometres, or possibly sooner if you get into an accident. Various parts of your control arms assembly, such as bushings and ball joints, are likely to wear out before the lower or upper arms themselves.

When Do the Control Arms Need to Be Replaced?

You’ll know your control arms need to be replaced when you spot the following signs:

  • The steering wheel or the car’s whole frame vibrates while driving.
  • Loud banging noises occur when going over speed bumps and potholes.
  • Uneven and irregular tyre wear.
  • Tyres move or shake while driving.

Is Driving With a Bad Control Arm Dangerous?

Driving with a damaged control arm can cause suspension parts to misalign. This will result in steering and handling issues with your vehicle, making you more prone to accidents. To prevent this, have your lower, upper, front and rear control arms checked regularly; as well as your idler arms, suspension, bushings, and ball joints.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Control Arm Replacement?

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