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Stay Cool With Aftermarket Thermostats From Machter

At Machter, we have aftermarket thermostats and housing available for your favourite model of car. Whether you’re a Holden fan or a Ford enthusiast, we have the thermostats and housing you need that are tailored to the vehicle you own.

Even when a car gleams shiny and ‘showroom’ new, chances are it will outlive many or all of its parts. When the time comes to swap out one thermostat—or any other car part, like the transmission oil cooler—for another, Machter is here at the ready with the aftermarket goods. If you think your thermostat is failing, you’ll need to replace it—stat—in the interests of engine safety. But how do you know when it’s time to make the switch?

How to Know When the Old Has to Go

A thermostat is critical to temperature regulation in a car’s engine. Without it, you’re looking at a host of problems, ranging from poor fuel economy to burst coolant pipes. When it’s time to swap out your thermostat, your car will usually tell you.

1. Changes in Air Temperature

If your air temperature increases or drops without prompting from the HVAC system, something’s wrong with your thermostat. Sudden spikes call for an engine check—and likely a fresh thermostat and housing.

2. Coolant Leakage

A faulty thermostat can shut off while you’re driving. If this happens, there’ll be nothing to initiate the flow of coolant through the engine. While a healthy thermostat will open in tandem with an engine reaching its standard functional temperature, a dysfunctional one will remain closed and allow the coolant to overflow from the thermostat housing. Hence, your car may leave coolant puddles or trails, or deplete its coolant supply faster.

3. Abnormal Temperature Gauge Reading

If your temperature gauge is reading a red-hot or too-cool level of heat, that’s a sign that something’s off. In the case of an infernal temperature, chances are your thermostat has shut off and blocked all coolant from flowing through the engine—meaning the engine cannot cool down. On the other hand, if your temperature gauge is running cool, the thermostat is likely stuck open, stopping the cooling system from working its magic. If your ‘Check Engine’ light is accompanying your gauge’s cold reading, you definitely need to get that looked at.

Maybe It’s Not the Thermostat

Cars are complex, multi-faceted beasts. If it’s not the thermostat that’s overheating, it could be the radiator. For an alternative way to fan the flames, you can also check out our heating and cooling radiator parts.

From big to small, when you need parts for your car, whether it’s nudge bars or windscreen washer pumps, we’ve got you covered.

Shop Thermostats & Housing With Machter

Machter manufactures and supplies car parts both multipurpose and specific to your favourite make. For example, we stock thermostat housing tailored to both the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Patrol (respectively). If you’re in need of a thermostat—or anything like that—do yourself a favour and shop with the passionate professionals. At Machter, you can find what you need to keep your motor running.

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