Idler Arm

The Benefits of a Car Idler Arm

If enhanced driving comfort and safer handling appeal to you, you’ll appreciate a steering idler arm. An idler arm is a component of the steering system, connecting the centre link to the vehicle’s frame and helping to maintain proper alignment of the front wheels. By providing stability and support to the steering mechanism, the idler arm ensures smooth and responsive steering, reducing vibration and play in the steering wheel. At Machter, our collection of steering components includes high-quality idler arms fit for the Nissan Navara and the Hyundai Terracan, as well as a Pitman & Idler Arm Fit for the Ford Courier PE Ranger. Well-functioning steering arms such as these help with handling, especially at higher speeds or when navigating challenging road conditions. They will also assist in extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s other steering components by reducing wear and tear. If you’re ready to upgrade your steering system, choose a premium idler arm from Machter and feel the difference behind the wheel.

More to Explore at Machter

From engine components to suspension and steering parts, Machter is your trusted source for high-quality aftermarket solutions. Steering parts play a crucial role in the vehicle’s suspension and steering systems, including power steering racks, power steering pumps, and various control arms. Control arms connect the steering knuckles to the car’s frame, helping to control the motion of the wheels and maintain proper alignment. By offering top-tier control arms and other steering components, we ensure drivers enjoy smooth and precise steering performance. Beyond steering components, we also provide electrical, mechanical and engine components, as well as parts for your lighting, heating and cooling systems. For this and so much more, all you have to do is browse our catalogue.

Machter Makes It Work

If you’re after excellent service, affordable prices and an impressive range of aftermarket parts, you’ve pulled up to the right place. At Machter, we understand the diverse needs of customers and therefore strive to cater to various vehicle types, including cars, 4WDs, utes, SUVs and crossovers. Our extensive inventory covers domestic vehicles, as well as Japanese, Korean and European imports, ensuring that drivers can find the right parts for their specific vehicle models. Our dedicated team spends their time researching, sourcing, developing and organising parts so that we can provide you with unique solutions to your vehicular problems. Whatever the issue, we’ll help you figure it out and get you back on the road in no time.

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When it comes to buying auto parts online, Machter is the place to be. We offer honest, affordable service at great prices. For the best car idler arms on the market, shop Machter today!

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