Drag Link - Adjustable Drag Link

Drag link

Drag link suspension is a component that is found in vehicles equipped with steering gear type steering suspension systems .Drag links are most commonly found on larger trucks and vans and serve as the component that links the vehicle’s steering gearbox to the tie rods. One side of the drag link connects onto the pitman's arm, and the other connects to a fixed pivot point while the ends connect to the tie rods.

Adjustable drag links are the best and safest way to realign your steering after a suspension lift. Due to their vulnerable position, they are also liable to get damaged causing issues with steering and wobble.

How can I identify a faulty drag link?

If you notice a clunk when driving over a speed bump or off-road, one thing that may be going wrong is your drag link. If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are that you can probably locate the drag link under your car.

The drag link is an important steering component and is critical to the overall handling and ride characteristics of the vehicle. For this reason, if you suspect that your vehicle’s drag link may be having an issue, have the vehicle’s steering and suspension diagnosed by a mechanic.

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