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When it comes to your car and its overall performance, we understand the importance of high-quality engine water pumps. They are a crucial component of your car's cooling system and significantly help prevent it from overheating. That’s why we aim to bring you the best selection of aftermarket water pumps, whether it’s for your Holden Commodore or Jeep Grand Cherokee. Plus, we have various automotive water pump parts to make repairs and replacement a breeze.

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Like radiator overflow bottles, a reliable car water pump is an essential component for your car, ensuring that your engine stays at a steady temperature, whether you’re going for a short or long drive, even in the hottest temperatures. However, how would you know when your engine water pump needs to be replaced? Keep an eye out for things like:


You might notice your car's temperature gauge is higher than usual while driving. It could indicate that your car water pump or parts of it are not functioning correctly. This is because it is unable to circulate water around the engine to cool it down, thus increasing your engine's temperature.


Steam can be another sign that your engine is overheating. If you ever notice steam pouring from the bonnet, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and check your cooling system. If you keep driving with your engine overheating, you can cause serious damage to your engine.

Unusual Noises

If your car makes a whining or high-pitched sound as you drive, particularly when you press the accelerator, it could be the water pump failing to keep up with your engine’s demands. Have it checked as soon as possible. Don’t risk damage to your car’s engine when there’s affordable aftermarket water pumps for sale at Machter!

Find Other Cooling Solutions for Your Car

Along with water pumps for your car, we also have plenty of other cooling options to ensure your car doesn’t overheat, including intercoolers! These clever constructions give you a bump in power while also operating at a cooler temperature, helping prevent damage to your engine while getting more from it.

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No matter what you drive, you’ll find a quality water pump for your car at Machter, and for an affordable price too!