MAF Sensor - Aftermarket Air Flow Meters

What is a Mass Flow Sensor?

If you’re not familiar, an MAF sensor is an important component of your vehicle located between the air filter and the intake manifold. The purpose of the mass air flow sensor is to measure the air flow entering the engine, and this information is used to determine the amount of fuel required to maintain a good air-fuel ratio. This process allows for two things every car owner wants — optimum fuel efficiency and engine performance. At Machter, we offer a variety of accurate, responsive and versatile air mass flow meter sensors for different vehicles. Our wide selection of auto parts means that whatever your needs may be, you’ll be able to find the right product for your vehicle at Machter.

When is it Time to Change Your Airflow Sensor?

Several indicators can suggest you need a new airflow sensor, the most prominent being the illumination of the check engine light. While this warning signal can stem from various issues, it often points to problems with the mass air control sensor. Additionally, you might observe deteriorating fuel efficiency, a rough idle, or even engine stalling, all of which can be attributed to a faulty airflow sensor. Another telltale sign is the emission of excess black smoke from the tailpipe, which suggests the engine is running too rich. Insufficient fuel intake may also result in elevated engine temperatures. These symptoms collectively suggest that the airflow sensor may need replacing to restore optimal engine performance.

More Goods From Machter

At Machter, we have a sizeable collection of car sensors that are crucial for automotive functionality. These include airflow sensors, but also things like map sensors and speedometer sensors. If you’re interested in map sensors, they’re responsible for measuring the intake manifold pressure and providing this data to the engine control unit (ECU). This information helps to make sure the engine runs smoothly. Speedometer sensors, on the other hand, are responsible for measuring the speed of the vehicle's wheels and transmitting this data to the speedometer gauge on the dashboard—letting you know how fast you’re going. Beyond our collection of sensors, we also have electrical auto parts like alternators, switches and starter motors, plus a wide range of parts that fit into categories like engine, lighting, mechanical, suspension and steering. Simply browse our website or give us a call to find everything you’re looking for.

Find Your Flow with Machter’s MAF Sensors

If you need car parts you can trust, give Machter a go. We pride ourselves on our substantial product knowledge and range, as well as the quality of our aftermarket goods. We also boast fast delivery times and exceptional customer service. Browse online today and shop our mass air flow sensors!

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