Watch Out for These Signs of a Failing Suspension System

Date Posted: 26 October 2022 

Watch Out for These Signs of a Failing Suspension System main image Watch Out for These Signs of a Failing Suspension System image

Although we take it for granted sometimes, your car's suspension system works hard to ensure you have a smooth ride even when there are bumps on the road. This complex system, made up of several components, including springs, shock absorbers, bearings and ball joints, comes together to provide traction by keeping your car's wheels on the ground as much as possible.

Due to the fact that the suspension system is so vital in terms of safety and the car's overall performance, it's imperative that you ensure it is kept in good working order. Sure, you could wait for the annual service to assess the state of your suspension system, but that isn't necessarily the smartest approach. Therefore, it's wise to educate yourself about some common signs that your suspension system is failing, so you can address the issues before they become too problematic or dangerous.

In this post, we'll provide an overview of the signs of a bad suspension to look out for and provide some essential advice on how to tackle suspension issues.

Signs of a Failing or Bad Suspension System

You’re Getting a Bumpy Ride

If you start to notice that you feel every bump on the road or your vehicle bounces a lot while you are driving, it's a good indication that the shock absorbers or struts within the car's suspension system are worn out and need replacing.

Your Car Pulls to One Side

Another cause for concern will be if your car pulls to one side when you are driving. This is usually caused by uneven wear on your tyres, poor alignment, broken springs or worn-out shocks that are unable to provide the stability needed to take turns smoothly.

Your Car Dips or Nose-Dives When You Brake

If your car seems to lurch forward or dip further than usual every time you brake, this could indicate that the shocks are worn out and need to be replaced.

One Corner Of Your Car Is Noticeably Lower Than the Rest

If you ever notice that there is one corner of your car that sits lower than the rest of it when the vehicle is parked on level ground, the chances are there is a broken spring somewhere within the suspension system.

You Notice Leaking Fluid

If you ever notice fluid leaking from under your car or a trail of liquid when driving, it is always worth investigating. If you find that the shocks or struts underneath your car look oily, then they are likely to be leaking fluid which is problematic.

Steering Your Car Is Difficult

If you find that steering your car is tricky, especially at slower speeds, it's a sign there is trouble with the suspension system. This could also just be a matter of you being low on power steering fluid or something more complex, such as a faulty power steering pump or worn control arm bushings.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong with Your Vehicle's Suspension

Because most people take their suspension system for granted, it can be tempting to ignore some of the warning signs till it's too late. However, ignoring these signs can be incredibly dangerous.

Ensuring you take your car for its annual service is a good starting point because the mechanic will be able to address any issues and ensure your vehicle's suspension is in good working order.

If you do notice any of the warning signs of a failing or bad suspension system, it is best to avoid driving and book your car in for repairs as soon as possible. If you have some automotive experience, you may be able to address the issues yourself but otherwise, always seek the advice of a licensed professional. It is not safe to drive with bad suspension as you will not have full and adequate control of your vehicle.

Replacing Your Suspension System

Although the thought of having to replace your failing suspension system may be worrying, the fact is if you catch the problem early enough, it may not be a huge problem. Once your car is assessed by a technician, they'll be able to ascertain whether the whole system is problematic or if it is just specific parts that have proved to be faulty and need replacing.

Regardless of the situation, it is best not to delay any repairs. Getting the problems assessed promptly will ensure you can be back on the road safely in next to no time.

Replace or Upgrade Your Suspension System for Safer Driving

As we've ascertained, your car's suspension system is integral to you enjoying a safe and smooth drive. Although it is an element of the car that people often take for granted, now that you know the warning signs of a failing suspension system, you are in a much better position when it comes to taking action early.

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