Make the Most of Your Weekends With a Roof Rack

Make the Most of Your Weekends With a Roof Rack main image Make the Most of Your Weekends With a Roof Rack image

No matter how you use your car, where you go, or the stuff you carry with you, having a roof rack is a great idea because of the convenience it provides. This is especially true when you are taking your car with you on a small getaway over the weekend and need to carry extra cargo that won’t fit inside your car.

What Can You Carry With a Roof Rack?

Speaking in layman’s terms, a car roof rack is a set of bars attached to a car’s roof, and is used to carry bulky and heavy cargo like luggage, boats and kayaks, camping equipment, or even sporting equipment like hockey gear, bicycles and more.

As such, a roof rack is the perfect addition to your vehicle, enabling you to carry things that regularly won’t fit inside your car, or you may not want inside your car. With a roof rack for your SUV or car, there’s really no limit to what you can carry, within reason, of course!

Are Roof Racks Easy to Install & Remove?

When it comes to roof racks, some cars nowadays come with one as standard, while others need to have aftermarket roof racks installed. The ease of installing a roof rack to your car depends on the configuration of your car and chosen roof rack.

Cars with raised rails on the roof are the easiest to work with and will lower your roof rack installation cost and effort. However, many cars like SUVs and vans don’t come with a raised rail, and have a track system instead. It gets a little trickier on cars that have a barren roof, but clip style roof racks that attach to the car’s jamb or the rubber gutters above the windows make installation much easier.

For these vehicles with a barren roof, you can even permanently install a roof rack by drilling into your car’s roof, but it is best if a professional or an expert does this for you. There are times when you may want to remove your roof rack too, unless you have drilled it in. Because of its alignment, a roof rack increases your car’s wind resistance, which aerodynamically speaking, isn’t the best.

This will result in higher fuel consumption, so you should consider removing it when not in use. Some new roof rack designs are built with aerodynamics in mind to reduce drag effects, but it is still best to remove your roof rack for optimum car performance. Once you get the hang of it, a regular roof rack should take no more than 5–15 minutes to remove.

Are Roof Racks Worth It?

Roof racks don’t cost much, are easy to install and are super useful, making them a worthy investment. Getting one is a no-brainer if you like exploring the wilderness, and have tents and the likes to carry. They’re also great if you enjoy hobbies like snowboarding, surfing or biking and want to take your hobby to new locations.

Regardless, investing in a roof rack even for general use is a great idea since it frees the inside of your car from bulky clutter, and in turn keeps it clean too. However, it is important to note that you should do your research and due diligence before investing in a roof rack to make sure you get the right one to suit your needs and your car.

Get Your Roof Racks From Machter

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