What do ignition coils do? - A Quick Guide to Ignition Coils

Date Posted: 13 December 2023 

What do ignition coils do? - A Quick Guide to Ignition Coils  main image What do ignition coils do? - A Quick Guide to Ignition Coils  image

Why Your Ride Needs These Auto Parts

Today, let's drive into the heart of your ride's ignition system and unravel the mystery behind ignition coils. Buckle up, because at Machter, we're not just about auto parts; we're about unleashing the full potential of your four-wheeled favourite!

What’s the Buzz about Ignition Coils?

Alright, let’s break it down. Ignition coils are the bass players of your car's electrical system. While they might be unsung heroes, they’re the backstage magicians that transform mundane electrical power into a symphony of controlled chaos under your hood.

Sparking the Romance: How Ignition Coils Work

So, picture this: You turn the key (or push the button if you're living in the future), and your engine wakes up with a roar. What happens behind the scenes is the real magic. Ignition coils take the 12-volt electrical power from your car's battery and amp it up. This amplified power is then sent to the spark plugs, creating the spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture in your engine. And voila, that's the ignition coils doing their thing! It's like the start of a fireworks show, but way more controlled – because your engine doesn't appreciate spontaneity when it comes to combustion.

Why Should You Care?

Now, you might be thinking, "Why should I care about these electrical auto parts doing their thing behind the scenes?" Well, here's the deal: Without ignition coils, your engine wouldn't know how to roll. No spark, no combustion, and suddenly your car is just an expensive lawn ornament.

Quality ignition coils, like the ones we offer at Machter, make sure that your ride runs smoother, cleaner, and more efficiently. They're the auto parts that keep your engine purring like a contented cat rather than coughing like it has the flu.

How Will I Know When to Replace My Ignition Coils?

How do you know it's time to give these little spark maestros a break and bring in the replacements? Well, listen up. If your ride starts acting like it hit the snooze button a few too many times before firing up, or if you're experiencing rough idling, misfires, or that annoying lit-up check engine light, it might just be your ignition coils throwing a tantrum. A fully functional ignition coil will amp up immediately, and you won’t need to try to start your car more than once.

These electrical auto parts play a crucial role in the harmony of your engine, and when they start singing off-key, it's time for an encore – a new set of quality ignition coils from Machter. Don't let your ride's performance play hide-and-seek; give it the spark it deserves and cruise on smoothly with our top-notch auto parts.

How Do I Find the Right Ignition Coil for My Car?

First things first, check your ride’s make, model, and year; it's like the DNA code for your vehicle. Next, delve into the world of ignition coils – there are traditional ones, performance-boosting options, and even high-energy coils for the thrill-seekers. Don't forget the voltage specs; you want it to be Goldilocks-approved – not too hot, not too cold.

Machter's got your back in this coil quest! Our selection of ignition coils and other top-notch auto parts is like a candy store for car enthusiasts. If you’re still not sure, or want to triple check you have the right one in your cart, contact our customer service team for expert advice.

Unleash the Beast Within with Machter’s Ignition Coils

At Machter, we get it. We understand the love you have for your car, the connection that goes beyond mere metal and rubber. That's why we offer top-notch ignition coils that go the extra mile, providing the spark your ride deserves.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional wrench-turner, our ignition coils are designed to fit like a glove and perform like a champion. Don't settle for subpar auto parts; let Machter elevate your driving experience and fuel your automotive passion. Stay revved up and shop our wide range of electric auto parts for all makes and models.