Should You Buy Aftermarket Car Parts, OEM or Genuine?

Date Posted: 30 September 2022 

Should You Buy Aftermarket Car Parts, OEM or Genuine? main image Should You Buy Aftermarket Car Parts, OEM or Genuine? image

Looking to repair or customise your car, but not sure if you want to use aftermarket or genuine parts? As recommended by an Australian car parts store, here’s a complete breakdown of what kind of parts you should buy to bring out the best in your vehicle.

Aftermarket vs OEM & Genuine: What’s the Difference?

Generally speaking, genuine car parts are branded parts supplied in original packaging by the vehicle manufacturer themselves. OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are essentially the same as genuine parts. The only difference is that OEM parts do not carry the company logo as they are usually manufactured to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer by an external company. As for aftermarket car parts, you usually buy them from external companies who often reverse-engineer the parts to operate close to the original specification. In some cases, aftermarket parts can operate and look completely different to the original specification, since they are made by companies who focus entirely on supplying vehicle parts. With aftermarket parts, there are usually several options available which may vary quite a lot in price and quality.

Are Aftermarket Car Parts Good?: Why We Pick Aftermarket Every Time

Most people would prefer to opt for genuine or OEM parts as they are worried about the quality or performance of aftermarket goods. However, aftermarket companies always strive to make replacement parts that perform almost identically to genuine or OEM ones, while meeting manufacturer’s specifications. The only difference is that they are offered at a cheaper, more affordable rate than the original. This benefit can be as a result of focused mass production and other cost-effective efficiencies.

In other cases, aftermarket parts are sometimes engineered to be an improved version of the genuine or OEM parts. When aftermarket parts are engineered as an upgrade, this usually means that the manufacturer uses premium materials that may be stronger, lighter and more efficient than the genuine or OEM parts. These upgrades are created using updated and more advanced technology meaning that you will be getting a better functioning or completely redesigned and re-engineered part that performs a specific way.

For customers who wish to improve their vehicle performance and reliability over the stock form of their cars, aftermarket parts are the most economically feasible option. For example, adjustable upper control arms are much more affordable in an aftermarket automotive parts shop and are often made with better quality, as they are considered upgrades to the original.

Another great benefit of aftermarket parts is that they are typically readily available for purchase due to mass production from many different manufacturers.

3 Tips for Buying the Best Aftermarket Parts Every Time

Cheap Prices Aren’t Always the Best

Whenever you shop for aftermarket parts, always be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. If you find a part for an unbelievably low price, it is entirely possible that it is made with low-quality materials and may not last long.

Check Client Reviews

Make sure you are buying from a store with a strong reputation, including with good customer reviews. This way you will know that you’re only getting the best quality there is and that you will not be swindled.

Research Your Parts Properly

You have to know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to buying parts for your car. You’ll likely find that several spare parts options are available in numerous configurations for a plethora of models. This simply means that you will need to find the part number of the specific part you need before searching any further. It will also aid you to research the installation process of each part to confirm whether you need special tools or not. This way, you’ll know whether to hire a mechanic to help install the part or if you can do it yourself.

Shop Aftermarket Parts at Machter

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