Choosing the Right Car Lift Kit: Factors to Consider for the Ideal Fit

Date Posted: 7 August 2023 

Choosing the Right Car Lift Kit: Factors to Consider for the Ideal Fit main image Choosing the Right Car Lift Kit: Factors to Consider for the Ideal Fit image

Purchasing your first car lift kit is super exciting, as it opens you up to so many more off-roading opportunities! However, it’s important not to rush into the decision. A lift kit can significantly impact your vehicle’s performance, capabilities and overall safety. Taking the time to make careful considerations and choose the most appropriate option is paramount. A well-informed decision will not only enhance your driving experience but provide you with much-needed peace of mind as you head out on your adventures.

Factors to Consider

What Suits Your Car’s Make & Model?

To determine the lift kit size your car requires, you’ll need to consider the year and make, as well as the model. You’ll also need to ensure the new tyres will not cut or rub onto the frame of the car when the car is lifted. For this reason, we suggest that car owners note the width and diameter of the new tyre, and the car’s default clearance. You can also check the rim offset.

Will You Need to Make Further Modifications?

Whether or not you’ll need to make further modifications to your car will be determined by which kind of lift kit you choose. Body lift kits require minimal modifications, as they lift the vehicle up a few inches and leave the suspension and wheels at their original height. In this case, you simply need to add spacers over the vehicle’s original body mount bushings. A suspension lift kit, however, is the more complex of the lift kits available. The installation process is more complicated, and may involve additional changes to the driveshaft, brake lines, and other underbody components. If you don’t want to make a lot of changes to your car, you might prefer to stick with a body lift kit.

What is Legal in Your State?

Generally, the legal limit for lift in Australia is 50mm, including any increase in tyre size. If you want to lift your vehicle any higher than that, you’ll need an engineers certificate to keep it legal. Across Australia, each state has their own specific rules regarding height restrictions for lift kits. It is therefore important to do your research and complete any necessary legal preparations before you commit to a particular lift kit.

What Else Do You Need Your Car to Do?

The lift kit that works for you will largely be dependent upon the capabilities you need your car to possess. For example, if you plan to transport a lot of heavy materials with your vehicle, you’ll need a lift kit that caters to that weight. Camping and four wheel driving equipment such as an extra spare wheel or a minifridge can add substantial weight to your 4x4. Choosing a suspension kit that can handle the extra load will be best for your vehicle’s performance. Another example of something you might need is the ability to tow. If you want to regularly use your car for towing, you’ll need to stick to a body lift kit, rather than a suspension lift kit. The same can be said if aesthetics are what you’re after. For some people, the only real appeal of a lift kit is the look, and a body lift kit can create this look with more ease than a suspension lift kit.

How & Where Will You Be Driving?

For many people, the appeal of a lift kit lies in the way it better equips the vehicle for off-roading. By raising the overall height of the vehicle, a lift kit gives it extra inches of ground clearance. A body lift kit achieves this goal without affecting the quality or handling of the car in any way. In fact, it retains the factory suspension geometry and alignment exactly. Suspension lift kits differ in that they add more inches of ground clearance, giving the vehicle an even better off road performance and room for more aggressive and larger tyres. This makes them the superior choice for drivers who spend a lot of time off-roading in fairly extreme terrain. However, these taller kits can have a significant impact on the car’s handling, making them precarious to drive on regular roads. If you still require your vehicle for driving on roads, stick to a body lift kit. On the other hand, if you are always tackling tricky, bumpy and unpredictable tracks, a suspension lift kit is likely the way to go.

Who Will Install It?

If you are determined to install your lift kit yourself, we recommend choosing a body lift kit. Suspension lift kits are more complicated and require quite a few extra modifications. When it comes to installing a suspension lift kit, it’s probably best to ask a professional.

What is Your Budget?

A suspension lift kit is substantially more expensive than a body lift kit. If you’re concerned about sticking to a more manageable budget, you’ll probably feel more comfortable with a body lift kit.

Don’t Forget the Value of Quality!

Once you have made all the necessary considerations, it’s time to select a lift kit that is high quality. Doing your research, reading through reviews and choosing reputable brands is essential in finding a lift kit that can go the distance. At Machter, we offer a wide selection of lift kits that are tough, durable and expertly designed to deliver in every way imaginable. These lift kits will give you the vehicle and off-roading experience you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. Visit our online store to explore our range!