How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Auto Industry for Better Or Worse?

Date Posted: 13 December 2022 

How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Auto Industry for Better Or Worse? main image How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Auto Industry for Better Or Worse? image

Once upon a time, self-driving cars were only featured in far-fetched science fiction movies. But like power steering pumps and cruise control, advancements in modern technology mean autonomous vehicles are no longer the stuff of imagination. With that being said, it'll probably be a while before these self-driving vehicles become accessible for the majority of us.

However, one can't help but wonder how close we are to the precipice of a new driving reality. Moreover, some may even be questioning whether autonomous, self-driving vehicles are such a good idea in reality and what this could mean for the car industry overall.

How Will Autonomous Cars Impact the Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry is one that has been constantly evolving. As a result, the impact of self-driving vehicles is undoubtedly changing the industry as we know it, but different stakeholders within the sector will feel this impact differently, depending on their position and interests.

Automotive Manufacturers

Naturally, one of the groups that will primarily be impacted by the arrival of driverless cars is the auto manufacturers themselves. On the one hand, the prospect of autonomous vehicles provides a massive business opportunity for car manufacturers with potential commercial 'fleets' increasing demands on production. The value of this market opportunity is evident in the fact that some of the leading players in the industry have already been looking for ways to get in on the action. The likes of Tesla, Ford and Volkswagen have all disclosed plans to develop their own self-driving vehicles to take advantage of this market opportunity.

With that being said, no one knows how exactly the advent of self-driving cars will impact traditional automotive manufacturers. Ultimately, the true nature of this development will depend on the speed and extent to which consumers embrace the concept of self-driving cars and how quickly these traditional auto manufacturers will develop and incorporate self-driving technology successfully.

It is also essential to consider the potentially negative implications of autonomous vehicles for the car manufacturing industries. For instance, we may see tech companies entering a market that was traditionally held by car manufacturers. Furthermore, they will also have to contend with other societal changes, such as the fact that fewer people will feel the need to own cars in the future, as ridesharing becomes increasingly popular, thanks to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Car Part Manufacturers

Developments in self-driving technology won't just have implications for car manufacturers though, but also for other stakeholders who supply the industry. If traditional vehicles lose popularity or become redundant, then car part manufacturers who provide everything from brake kits to power steering pumps will likely suffer due to potential reduced car ownership.

Similarly, at least in the early stages of autonomous vehicles becoming a mainstream concept, we are likely to see car manufacturers and mechanics having a preference for genuine parts as opposed to aftermarket versions, because these are seen to be better in terms of safety, even if that’s not always the case.

Additionally, if self-driving vehicles do as they've promised and reduce potential accidents, it may also result in less demand for automotive replacement parts, which means that car part manufacturers will need to find ways to reinvent themselves or adapt their offerings for the automotive industry.


Independent mechanics will also see some disadvantages with a shift to self-driving cars. This is because it;s likely that consumers will feel more comfortable having their autonomous vehicles serviced by OEM service providers. Moreover, if we find that fewer accidents are occurring as a result of the spread of self-driving technology, this may reduce the need to have mechanics on hand to fix cars after they've been damaged in an accident.

However, as time goes on and mechanics develop the skills to offer more competitive service packages to consumers with self-driving vehicles, they mind find that their business takes off as they may be required to provide services for companies and public entities with 'fleets' of autonomous vehicles.


These days there are plenty of auto-enthusiasts that are able to perform essential maintenance on their vehicles. However, if autonomous cars become the norm, these DIYers are likely to struggle as it may become much harder to work on your own vehicle at home without high-level tools, technology and knowledge. Although access to these resources could potentially improve, it will take some time. Moreover, we may see that DIY work could result in the car’s warranty being voided.

When Will Self-Driving Cars Be Available in Australia?

Despite all the hype surrounding the arrival of autonomous cars, the truth is the path to technological advancement is never linear and, as such, most estimates say that self-driving vehicles won't likely be a reality till at least 2030. Moreover, even then, this technology will probably be limited to a small number of vehicles, and mainstream adoption will take a while

Furthermore, the development of this technology is rather complex, and as such, it will experience a few teething issues along the way, as has already been the case. There’s also legislation and regulations that will need to be developed around the emerging technology. Therefore, while it is worth keeping an eye on developments and planning for the future, parties with interests in the automotive sector don't need to be overly worried about autonomous vehicles taking over the world just yet.

Moving Towards the Future

In short, the prospect of self-driving vehicles is both an exciting and scary prospect for all stakeholders in the automotive industry. Whether you are working in car manufacturing, are a mechanic or just a consumer, self-driving cars will certainly revolutionise the way we travel and operate, but they are a long way off yet. Therefore when it comes to car repairs, most of us will either continue to rely on a trained professional or do a bit of DIY work on our cars.

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