Simple Power Steering Checklist & Maintenance Tips

Date Posted: 1 October 2021 

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The power steering pump is designed to help fluid reach a vehicle’s power steering system. It consists of a slotted rotor that, when rotating, assists fluid to enter the pump. Once said fluid enters the moving rotor it continues to rotate and transfers the fluid to discharge ports.

The fluid then enters a power steering system reservoir where the steering gear can then apply the right amount of pressure to easily turn the wheels. Like all other car components, power steering pumps are susceptible to wear and require replacing before they become a safety hazard with, say, a cutting edge Toyota Hiace power steering pump.

But how do you know if your Hiace’s power steering pump needs maintenance or replacing?

1. Slow Wheel Response Time

Your vehicle should quickly respond once you turn the wheel. However, when the power steering pump is damaged it may be slow to respond — this is actually quite dangerous for a driver and their passengers. If this is occurring with your vehicle, it’s probably time to get a new, high-quality pump.

2. The Wheel Is Stiff

A vehicle’s steering wheel can become tough to turn when the power steering pump is failing. This can be fixed by a technician or mechanic, but it often also requires full replacement. This is something your technician or mechanic will be able to shed more light on.

3. Your Car Makes a Strange Noise When You Turn the Wheel

This is probably the most obvious sign something is wrong with your power steering. If your car makes a strange noise when you turn the wheel, it is probably a good idea to have your power steering pump checked or replaced.

A damaged power steering pump will make a whining noise when there is a leak in the pump. It may be that the fluid is low but, if this isn’t the case and you still hear these unwanted noises, it’s time to take your car to a certified mechanic.

4. Your Car Makes a Squealing Noise When You Turn the Keys In the Ignition

A car shouldn’t be making a squealing sound when you turn the keys in the ignition. Unfortunately, this generally means your power steering pump is on the way out. This may require repair work or a replacement.

5. Your Car Groans When You Steer

Your car shouldn’t be making any strange sounds as you drive. Groaning can be attributed to many causes including a damaged steering pump.You should have this issue immediately inspected by a professional so they can determine if it is the power steering pump and what you can do to address the issue.

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